Yoga pose

Yoga is a life affirming practice that awakens physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness. In a supportive setting, enjoy a gentle practice that will help quiet the mind, increase your energy and stretch your body. Yoga weaves together body, mind and spirit in a healing and refreshing way. Our classes include a combination of yoga postures, breathing practices and meditation. All classes are appropriate for first timers and more experienced practitioners.

Morning Yoga    

Monday-Friday        8-9 am

Get your day off to a great start! Wake up the body and invigorate your mind and spirit with morning yoga. Starting your day with gentle stretching increases circulation, improves posture and enhances your energy level. This integrated class offers a slow, meditative approach to yoga with a focus on breathing, core strength and proper body alignment. Bringing breath and movement into balance, become grounded and focused for the day. All levels of experience welcome.


Facilitated by Tina Ufford RYT 200 through Louisiana Yoga School.

$8 per class; 7 classes $48

One month unlimited $75

Yoga for Cancer Survivors    

Mondays     10:30-11:30 am

Yoga Thrive: This gentle practice combines simple movements, stretching, meditation and breath work to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation to promote healing. Yoga practitioners report improvements such as better quality sleep, faster recovery from treatments and increased energy. No yoga experience required

Facilitated by Valerie Flynn Wintz, certified restorative yoga teacher.


In partnership with

Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge,

No Fee

Gentle Yoga    

Mondays & Thursdays          5:30-6:30 pm

Melt away tension and stress at the end of your day through this revitalizing practice. Relax your body and quiet your mind with gentle physical movement, breathing exercises and meditation. Classes are designed to enhance well-being, increase flexibility and gradually build strength through restorative yoga postures. Perfect for beginners or experienced students who enjoy a slow-paced, less strenuous practice.


Facilitated by Tina Ufford, RYT 200 through Louisiana Yoga School, and Valerie Flynn Wintz, certified restorative yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner since 1995.

$8 per class; 7 classes $48

Kundalini Yoga
Thursdays         9:30-11 am


Please Note: Kundalini Yoga will not hold session this week, Nov. 29. 


Kundalini yoga connects our finite selves with the infinite. It is a beautiful practice for everyone. Kundalini yoga is best known as the yoga of awareness. We refine and expand our awareness through a series of guided movements. Class begins with sound and connection, easy warm-ups, followed by a set of exercises, meditation, and a well deserved rest! This yoga is performed on floor mats or in chairs, a rigorous challenge for the fit, and easily modified for those with physical limitations.

Facilitated by Janet Sullivan, a licensed massage therapist specializing in Shiatsu. She teaches chi gong, shiatsu, self-massage seminars and both Kundalini and Hatha yoga. Janet maintains Shiatsu and Reiki practices in Baton Rouge and New York City.


Mykael Goff, a holistic and alternative integrative healer who is a certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher trained in Los Angeles, New York and India.


Tina Ufford, RYT 200 through Louisiana Yoga School.

$10 per class