Lifting Loans: Micro-Loans for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


We're so proud of Collette Desselles, a recipient of a Lifting Loan from The Red Shoes.


She now runs Lean on Me, a successful non-profit.


The Advocate did a nice story on her.

Women Helping Women:


That's what Lifting Loans is all about!

loan recipients
Lifting Loans recipients: People's Choice Insurance

The Red Shoes is dedicated to the empowerment of all women. Through our Lifting Loans program, we assist women who are attempting to start or grow small businesses and help them transition to economic success and independence. 


The Lifting Loans program offers low interest micro-loans to female entrepreneurs in the Baton Rouge area. Our supportive program combines education, understanding, mentorship and low interest loans to help women in our community. We are proud to be a catalyst for women entering the world of business. 


If you are ready to start a business or know a woman who lacks start up capital for a new business, please call The Red Shoes (338-1170) or read our Lifting Loans brochure (pdf), for more information about this low interest business loan opportunity for women. Please contact us either by email or phone at 338-1170. 

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