New at The Red Shoes - on Zoom

We are watching the Covid 19 numbers creep up around the country. Our goal is to keep our community feeling healthy and secure. For now... we will continue to enrich our lives in the comfort of our homes - using the Zoom platform for our Red Shoes Circles. 


Sending virtual hugs to all of our friends,

Wendy Herschman, executive director

New Self Study:

Me and White Supremacy

Join a Red Shoes 8 week self-study based on the new book,
Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad. This book creates access points to the places racism hides within: within our beliefs, within the structures that offer us comfort and within which the ideals we were raised. This study will be challenging and will NOT be, as the author points out, "a feel good self-help" experience.
What it will be is a path to understanding how each of us, as white people, has been complicit in living within racist constructs. Join us because you want to see the truth and change it. Learn More

Please Note: We miss each other!

Consider joining some of our weekly Zoom gatherings.

ZOOM Weekly Classes

·   Morning Yoga:  8 am Monday-Friday
Edgar Cayce Circle:  10:30 am  Monday

·   Gentle Yoga with Tina:  5 pm Mondays
·   A Course In Miracles:  7 pm Mondays
·   Compassion In Action:  10:30 am Wednesdays
·   Gentle Yoga with Tina: 5:30 pm Wednesdays

·   Dream Discovery:  10:30 am  Thursdays
·   Spiritual Journey Circle:  5 pm Thursdays

·   Sunday Sacred Circle:  5 pm  Sundays 

If you would like to join one of these circle, please register online so we can send you needed information.


                                                                                      Thank you!

Feeling isolated and alone? Click on the pictures below for a warm experience of YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND performed by the worldwide cast of BEAUTIFUL (in quarantine) for The Actors Fund.

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