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We are watching the Covid 19 numbers creep up around the country. Our goal is to keep our community feeling healthy and secure. For now... we will continue to enrich our lives in the comfort of our homes - using the Zoom platform for our Red Shoes Circles. See our current programs.


Sending virtual hugs to all of our friends,

Wendy Herschman, executive director

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Tuesday December 1, 2020

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Anti-Racism Self Study

Book Study:
Me and White Supremacy




Lynn Woodland's Miracles Course
Weekly Classes via Zoom

7-8:15 pm Central Time




The Red Shoes

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Our mission is to value and support all women on their life's journey.


We offer a variety of unique programs that encourage personal & spiritual development.

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Creative Arts Book & Film Studies
Mind-Body Wellness Sacred Circles

The Red Shoes is a 501c3 non-profit, helping to create a more peaceful, compassionate community.


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