Did you know Louisiana is #1 in food scarcity among children and seniors?

The Community Fridge is ONE WAY you can provide relief to those in need.

The unfortunate reality of food scarcity is observed from the high use and need of our community fridge/pantry.

Our community fridge is accessible 24/7. All are welcome to give as much as they can and take as much as they need.  


We have volunteers who make sandwiches and neighbors who bring food, yet the need remains. Many unhoused individuals frequent the fridge/pantry. Oftentimes, there is either nothing available or items that need to be cooked. The food may be there, yet the need remains.

We would be honored if you’d help by pledging one day to fill our community fridge!

Our ultimate goal is to have something in the fridge/pantry every day in the month of July.

How will this be achieved?

To do this, we're asking local businesses, organizations, and individuals to pledge ONE day in July to fill (subjective) the fridge in 1 of 3 ways

  1. Fill the fridge onsite

  2. Order/delivery service 

  3. Monetary donation 

Together, we can broaden and strengthen community through feeding the need from one human to another.


Thank you for your consideration!