You Can Help Create the Changes You Want to See in the World With Your Donation for 2023

You are invited to take an active role in bringing positive change to the world we live in, because I believe, ”the whole world’s suffering can’t asphyxiate your love.” 

Rather than feeling powerless as you listen to the news about global warming, the erosion of women’s rights, violence, inadequate healthcare, economic disparities and rising rates of hunger, you can make a donation to The Red Shoes to address these issues.


I know that sounds like an over-statement. We are only a small non-profit spirituality center. But really, our programs and The Red Shoes community are impacting all of these issues. It’s pretty amazing.

Please think about this: 

If you are able to increase your giving this year, it will help us create more opportunities to explore and address the problems that surround us through the powerful spiritual lens of love and compassion.  

The spiritual journey is the path to awakening, enrichment and resources for a healthier future. As Charity Parsons shares: 

The Red Shoes has provided me a place where my ideas and my womanhood are seen and truly heard. This space offers a shiny beacon on my spiritual journey!

Thank you for helping us be this beacon.  With your generous annual gift, The Red Shoes can create this reality:

“Hold your love aloft in the gathering darkness and watch peace spread it’s white wings wide.”

1. Make a donation by check and have 100% of your gift go to The Red Shoes.

Please mail your check to:
2303 Government St.

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

2. Make a one-time donation by credit card online.


Click the button below, and you'll be taken to Paypal, where you can donate securely with your Paypal account, or with a credit card.


After adding the amount, fill in "write a note" with the word "Donation."


Consider adding 3% to your donation to cover the credit card fees so your whole donation is used to do good.

3. Schedule a recurring donation by credit card online.


 This supports good work throughout the year.

The Red Shoes is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization.