Beth Tomlinson

Beth Tomlinson is an RYT 500 advanced teacher of therapeutic yoga and holds a certificate from the Stanford School of Medicine in Exercise Physiology. She is a C-IAYT candidate completing her yoga therapy studies and is currently taking clients in fulfillment of her practicum. As a complement to her yoga therapy practice, Beth is also training to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner. As a yoga therapy candidate, Beth works with clients experiencing a variety of physical pathologies, diseases, and ailments including but not limited to stroke recovery, cancer, chronic pain, grief, depression, and anxiety. She holds an additional 100hr certification in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health and Addiction. Beth specializes in yoga for healthy aging, believing any BODY can do yoga. She is passionate about making yoga accessible and safe for anyone, at any age, no matter their state of fitness or infirmity.


Beth facilitates a mindful, Hatha, breath-based practice using a therapeutic approach and incorporating the full breadth of yoga, from philosophy to meditation. Beth enjoys explaining the why of a pose or movement, as well as offering tips for staying healthy, safe, and independent at home. Focusing on creating strength, flexibility, and building balance, Beth’s classes are gentle enough for beginners, yet challenging for those looking for more. Beth holds certifications in Hatha, Chair Yoga, Senior Yoga, Restorative, and trauma-informed teaching.

Jo Ann Ray

I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with twenty plus years of working with the Human body’s energy fields. Along with my 200-hour Yoga certification as an Instructor, I am presently working on my 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training. I have a lifelong interest in the world of healthy living, along with spending years as a student in exercise classes for mind, body, and spirit. Because of these classes I have developed a growing interest in learning a teacher’s perspective. I have been married for 23 years to Jeffrey Ray, and we live in Baton Rouge Mid-City. I have an interest in learning new recipes for healthy cooking, along with gardening and being in the outdoors. I have been a member of the East Baton Rouge Master Gardener program with LSU and the Baton Rouge Garden Club. The above gardening groups keep me involved with our local community.

Nichole Mena-Rovai

I’m a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and am currently working on a 500-hour certification for an advanced yoga teacher training for special groups. As of 2021 I’ve decided to focus exclusively on my yoga career by leaving the school system and starting an LLC in honor of my late son called “Petit Awakenings”. Petit was Teo’s nickname and it means small. I have since acquired a certification for trauma informed yoga through the Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga program or TCTSY. This particular training has given me invaluable tools for working with a group of at- risk kids that I teach yoga to, as well as a private client who suffers from severe PTSD. I’ve found my niche in the yoga world through offering yoga as a healing modality for trauma, and the sense of purpose that has accompanied this choice keeps me going and fulfilled.

Tina Ufford

Tina Ufford is a multi-talented yoga teacher who has been guiding us through restorative, meditative, and strength building practice for seven years. Tina has found her niche here with a gentle yet challenging take on basic yoga poses, called asana.

Tina says, "I like to run the class like more of a workshop, helping people with what they are troubled by that day, in the mind/body in that moment."

Tina's second career is massage therapy. She has held a Louisiana license for 10 years and is an instructor at the Moore Career College. In class you may receive a little foot massage while in Shivasana (lying down at the end of class for a 3-5 minute meditation), or be guided in some self massage, and maybe learn some new anatomy vocabulary!