Summer 2017 Programs

Dear Friends,


Welcome to summer at The Red Shoes. We have inspiring speakers, amazing opportunities in the arts and experiences that will touch your heart and lead you to a life of deeper meaning.


As the world around us seems confusing and chaotic, I think of Alice Walker’s book, We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for: Inner Light in a Time of Darkness. The Red Shoes is a place to come to re-fuel and illuminate your inner light in order to activate in you that which is most precious and most needed in our world. The times are calling for each of us to step out of our small selves, the part that puts me first, and act on that greater sense of connection with and compassion for all beings.


Our two scholars in residence, Meghan Don and Pasha Hogan, and our other outstanding facilitators will challenge you to connect with the unique part of yourself that the world is waiting for - the piece that only you can offer to repair the world. Don’t forget, it’s time to act: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”


Bring forth your best and shine!


Wendy Herschman, Executive Director