Explore Inspiration and Personal Growth

Dear Friends,

Treat yourself to opportunities for self-care and supportive community. Our varied program offerings invite you to explore the next steps on your spiritual path - steps that will take you closer to the best version of yourself and the most authentic expression of your gifts. 

The Red Shoes is entering our 25th year and we are still focused on the original vision of creating inclusive opportunities for spiritual growth and empowerment with inspiration from the divine feminine and a recognition of the deep sense of the interconnection of all. 


The Red Shoes’ programs guide us inward to the source of our love and compassion and then outward to heal and tend all others. As we are led to our feminine wisdom and the deep call to nurture as one, we envision a world where everyone has access to healing opportunities, to nutritional needs, to building wellness and self-care habits, to spiritual inquiry and ecological awareness. 


Join us often to enrich and be enriched by our community.



Wendy Herschman, executive director


Continue to visit our website and check your email to see postings of new programs as they are added.


Please Note: All programs that say Hybrid, will be offered on Zoom and in person. Let us know if you want to join on Zoom 24 hours ahead of class so we can send you the link.