Fall 2017 Programs

"We create distance when we are afraid,

and even more when we are ashamed. ... love is a drawing close."
—Rabbi David Wolpe


What is the work of The Red Shoes, this unique organization in Baton Rouge? The programs, the facilitators, the experiences we offer, help each of us remove barriers and touch areas of vulnerability so we can live in accord with our highest purpose. Though we each have a different approach, a different door to open or stream to cross, our summit is the same - it is love. We each offer love to the world in a different way: through our work, friendships, volunteering, a a warm word or a smile- but love, this “drawing close” is what our community, our world, is yearning for. At The Red Shoes, a book study, a yoga class, a sacred circle or an inspiring speaker, opens the heart to this flow of love and brings us together as One. This season, we are hosting two outstanding scholars to lead us on the journey. Join us for our holiday luncheon and Sunday holiday sing-along, gatherings that will fill our hearts with love to share boundlessly.


- Wendy Herschman, Executive Director