Spring 2019 Programs

Dear Friends,


A new year holds such promise…will we make personal changes, will we speak our truths still unvoiced, will we pick up the undone tasks and do what needs to be done? There are many opportunities for you to say, ‘yes” as you participate with The Red Shoes in the coming months.



Recently, I was able to attend an amazing gathering of over 8,000 people from all over the world at the Parliament of World Religions. I heard so many inspiring people: Gandhi’s grandson spoke about being raised with non-violence and Vendana Shiva spoke of the need to prioritize Mother Earth: her people, land and water, above economic gain. I returned from this multi-faith, multi-ethnic gathering assured that no matter our spiritual path, we share truths: we need to love our neighbor and we need to respect the earth.


This season you will notice an icon next to certain programs that invite us to bridge and build new understandings about race so we can understand our neighbors and pursue reform and change.


Take care of the earth and take care of each other,


Wendy Herschman, E.D.

Executive Director