Summer 2018 Programs

Dear Friends,     


The Red Shoes is responding to these challenging times by creating opportunities to delve into racial disparities, to become more aware of the richness of diverse religious traditions and to connect with spirit or inner wisdom in a way that guides us to "right action."  We hope you join us often and become a beacon for the community.


I came upon these words by Marilyn O’Leary and thought how different our world would be if we all woke up each morning, and with intention, said these words:


“I take a deep breath and invoke the Divine Silence, for I know that is where I find inspiration and guidance.

In this heart space I am connected with All That Is, sensing the infinity of life, of which I am a unique part.

In this quiet there is peace, serenity, expansiveness and all the time I need. 

I am grateful for being able to experience this connection with the vastness of creation.

I am also grateful for all that I have, for all of the blessings and beauty of this world, and more than that, for all that I am, knowing that I am one with Divine Spirit.”


Will you join me and see how things change if we begin this practice today?  Change starts within and with us.


Enjoy your summer, Wendy Herschman, executive director