Spring 2017 Programs

Dear Friends,


When The Red Shoes was born in 1999 we believed strongly in the need for a greater impact in our society of the heart centered gifts of the feminine nature to balance the head centered gifts of the masculine. The Sacred Feminine was a new concept to many at this time. Our years have been filled with manifestations of the beauty, the power and healing energies of this Sacred Feminine. Spiritual teacher, Caroline Myss invites us to observe how much has changed in the past few years as the Sacred Feminine arises within the human psyche, 


“The Sacred Feminine does not refer to something special for women. The Sacred Feminine is the balancing force to Sacred Masculine and its intellectual energies of reason and logic. We have entered a time in which the Sacred Feminine and its subtle and magnificent force is penetrating into every expression of life, from bringing us into awareness of the crisis within Mother Nature to awakening our mystical senses and mystical history.”


We invite you to join with us in the beautiful Red Shoes community which gathers with the intention of creating a space of love and healing for each other and our world. You are always welcome.           



Roberta Guillory, Founder