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The Red Shoes!

Reflections on Women's Full Moon Ritual Circle

"There is a space in The Red Shoes that holds a very special group of women. Led by Lisa Hernandez, the Full Moon Circle is a place and time that attracts a diversity of women to meet, listen, share and learn. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the monthly get together. More than just an astrological review of the month, Lisa’s deep knowledge and intuition provide fertile soil for self-reflection. 


She includes questions for journaling that help us delve into the Wisdom we hold in ourselves; these points are often shared among the group. 

Meditation, information, provocation, ceremony – what a lovely way to spend a relaxing Saturday evening!" ~ Cindi DiMarco


Reflections on Women Remembering

"Being in the Women Remembering circle with The Red Shoes feels like coming home for me. It is an invitation to be completely and totally my natural self in the company of other women who wholeheartedly welcome me with love and acceptance. What a beautiful and nourishing experience for my feminine self!"  ~ N. Leslie


Reflections on Yoga At The Park

"The class was wonderful and this weather is dreamy!!! Love having this outdoor class and seeing fellow yogis in person! Thanks for all the wonderful things The Red Shoes does for our community!"  ~ Kelli Terrell Temple


Reflections on 'me and white supremacy'

Working through this book, I have honestly faced for the first time, the astounding pervasiveness of white supremacy. I made this journey with the help of a mutually supportive, encouraging and truth-telling group at The Red Shoes. I see things within me and within our society in a new way. " 

~ Mary M.


Reflections on Spiritual Ecology Circle
"I had watched the first 15 minutes of the ABC evening news before setting up my iPad for the 6:00 gathering. There were segments about the Climate Change Summit in Scotland and a heart wrenching segment about starving children in Madagascar entitled The Children of Climate Change. It was so comforting to be able to attend our first gathering after shedding tears at seeing all the hungry, malnourished children. As someone shared tonight, The Red Shoes is such a safe place to share our thoughts and discuss our concerns. Feeling so blessed to have “been there” by way of Zoom. Blessings,"~ Lois W.


Reflections on Project Hope

I have been deeply honored to have participated in daily yoga classes at The Red Shoes throughout the past year under the aegis of Project Hope, this during a period in my life that has also been difficult both personally and financially.


With no history of cancer in my family I was in a state of shock when I recently received a breast cancer diagnosis. I then turned to daily yoga classes at The Red Shoes both for calm and for stamina. The classes, which I could not afford were it not for Project Hope, have greatly helped me and others work though a very difficult time period. I feel that these classes are essential to me as well as to others to maintain maximum physical well-being and positive outlook during the duration of breast cancer treatment and beyond. Yours very truly,"~ Diane Gay


“Thanks so very very much for all you are doing and providing. The Red Shoes is such a haven”.


“Ladies of Red Shoes, Thank you for years of wonderful programs and opportunities for learning, growth and friendship”.


“‘What is the biggest unexpected grace or gift of 2021 so far?’ When I read the first question, what immediately came to mind and heart was our Spiritual Ecology Circle. It’s like finding the ecological home I've been longing for". 


"Thank you for the online outreach during the pandemic and beyond. It's so appreciated!"


"I support your work of healing, social justice, and care of our environment".


"I am so thankful for the many and varied opportunities the Red Shoes offers to the Baton Rouge community and beyond. My life has been, and continues to be, enriched and blessed through the programs."


"I think Red Shoes has done so much good for individuals and community and the DORLA Organization."


"I'm grateful to Roberta Guillory for having the vision of what women in BR needed and brought it to life in The Red Shoes."


"I hope others find refuge here as I did."


"Deeply grateful for The Red Shoes"


"The Red Shoes has such a unique distinction of providing such an incredible variety of programs that help us all learn and grow in such a nurturing environment. I sincerely thank you!"