It was so special to see so many friends, both old and new, at our open house on Sunday. The smiles, the hugs, the shared stories created human connections that no zoom gathering can accomplish!


Virtual was vital - but now we can begin to enjoy the energy of the in-person circle, the subtleties of face to face communication. We re-enter social situations, with a sense of Beginner's Mind: how is this different, am I feeling comfortable and safe, how does it feel to once again, be wholly seen? In the inclusive spirit of The Red Shoes, we are welcoming this personal and ever-changing experience of coming back together, knowing that this too, is a process.


Thank you for joining with us on Sunday: our 2 wonderful musicians, Cindi Di Marco and Dorothy LeBlanc; our beloved and inspiring poet, Ava Haymon; our movement meditation leader, Lisa Langois; our gifted card reader, Tiphanie Curtis;  all of our talented vendors and each of you made Sunday a true re-opening of heart and spirit. We are attaching a link to some photos memories from the day and also a link to the Community Poem we all crafted, sharing feelings about coming back together.


We are grateful for the gift of your presence and the amazing support so many of you have offered throughout the pandemic, adding in extra donations and personal notes of encouragement and appreciation throughout this long closure. We feel ready to bloom in this new Spring, eager to create opportunities that will enrich the lives of all who join us, helping each person bloom in bright and unique ways.


If you weren't able to join us for Open House, stop by to say hello whenever is convenient for you.  We will be adding more programs; to stay updated, please check our website program section and register to receive our weekly newsletter.  


Looking forward to seeing you often,


                                           Wendy Herschman

Group Poem - At The Red Shoes After COVID Isolation


Below you can download a copy of the group poem crafted by attendees during our Open House. With special thanks to Ava Haymon for facilitating and putting everyone's words together.

Group Poem - At The Red Shoes after COVID isolation
Poem After COVID.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 350.0 KB