The Red Shoes Circle of Giving Newsletter 2015 

Deidra's Story

Deidra Mwalimu
Deidra Mwalimu

“I was dealing with challenging family issues and I sat uncomfortably at a crossroads. I refused to ask and answer questions about myself that would allow me to move on in a healthy way.

Aimlessly wandering one day, I noticed an ad in a magazine for The Red Shoes and I decided to go and learn more. I’m not quite sure of the expression on my face as I entered; but Wendy, the woman who met me at the door, intuitively knew I was led to The Red Shoes for some reason. She asked, ‘Is there something else going on in your life?’

That was the question that opened the floodgates. I cried and cried. It was as if my wailing was liberating my soul. I sensed I was in a safe space and I couldn’t stop crying or talking until it was all out. I needed to know that I wasn’t losing my mind.

Wendy patiently waited for me to finish. Then she spoke to me as if she was my mother, sister, mentor, and friend. I listened intently. She suggested that I attend some classes at The Red Shoes to begin the inner conversation. Perhaps, the classes would help me find my way, help me see my broken places and allow the light to come in.

I began attending different classes at The Red Shoes. I met some wonderful women who, like me, are searching and finding answers. The Red Shoes is now my go to place for peace and serenity.

I am happy to say that I am no longer standing at the crossroads. My life is shaping in a positive direction. I still don’t have all the answers to my questions but I am definitely in a confident and empowered state of mind.

Thank you, Deidra”