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With deep appreciation we say thank you to everyone who joined the Circle. We are all One; our thoughts and actions reverberate and affect all.


Circle of Monthly Recurring Donations

Annie Wolf

Barbara Dunn
Donna Fitzgerald-DeJean

Dominiqua Sims

Felicia Beaudion

Jada Armstrong

Jamie Love Thomason

Jo Ann Ray

Karen Ceppos

Lisa Baumgartner

Lois Warrington

Lydia LaFleur

Mary Ann Abel

Nancy McPherson

Patricia O'Neill

Rebecca Triche

Sandy Patrick

Shay Bradberry

Sustaining Circle

(over $1000)                                     In Memory/Honor Of

Becky Simmons                                  In Honor of Wendy Herschman



Circle of Change

($501-$1000)                                   In Memory/Honor Of 

Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas & Dr. John

Jean and William Wilcox                      In Honor of Becky Simmons

Linda Skapura
Sandra Patrick



Circle of Compassion

($201-$500)                                     In Memory/Honor Of

Betty Wooddy                                   In Memory of Nicholas David
D'Amico Kerri
Julie Nesbit
Meredith Wright

Kay James

Maurice Durbin
Melinda Walsh
Natacha Krzesaj

Nic Ourso
Sandra Flynn                                  In Honor of Joan McCaskill
Susan Manning



Circle of Caring

($101-$200)                                     In Memory/Honor Of

Cindy Thompson
Diana Moreno-Keegan
Eileen Bossier
Katrina Smith
Marna Manning

Mary Jacob
Rachel Wissner
Sue Wolff
Suzie Perry
Yvette Wiltgen                                In Memory of Joni Orgeron

Circle of Understanding

($51-$100)                                       In Memory/Honor Of

Allison Wren                                 In Memory of Joni Orgeron
Caroline Derbes
Cindi DiMarco
Claire Bateman
Colette & John Dean                       In Memory of Joni Orgeron
Donna DeJean                               In Honor of Elyse & Charles Kaufman
Jeanne George
Joann Grindstaff                            In Memory of Joni Orgeron 
Jodi Perrodin
Renee Cavin
Susan Barkulis

Open Hearted Circle

(Up to $50)                                     In Memory/Honor Of

Althea Ashe
Anne Marks
Antoninette Kleinpeter
April & Martin Setliff
Becky Simmons                             In Memory of Joni Orgeron
Betty Powers
Deborah Steil
Elaine Strenski                              In Memory of John E. Strenski
Eunice Levigne
Heidi Lebleu
Judy Lavergne
Katharine Jenson
Louis Taylor                                 In Honor of Joan McCaskill
Lyn Doucet
Marilyn Martell
Margaret DiJohn
Pamela Gay
Paula Samuels
Sherry Mayer                                In Memory of Joni Orgeron 
Susan Hymel                                 In Memory of Betty Simmons

Theresa Ruzzuto
Yvonne Caballero