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With deep appreciation we say thank you to everyone who joined the Circle. We are all One; our thoughts and actions reverberate and affect all.


Circle of Monthly Reoccurring Donations
Mary Ann Abel

Jada Armstrong
Lisa Delpit

Lisa Hernandez
Brenda Lowry

Janet Moulder
Patricia O'Neill

Sandy Patrick

Cathy Sarrazin

Lois Warrington

Circle of Commitment ($501 and above)

John A. Thomas and Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas
Kathryn Kissam
Ceila Strickler and Marilyn Rosenson
Roberta and Joseph Guillory
James Brasseur
Richard Gordon
Becky Simmons
Ceila Bailey

Lois Warrington

Nancy McPherson

Winifred Reilly

Sandy Patrick

Betty Simmons

Shea Tully

Jada Armstrong

William and Jean Wilcox


Sustaining Circle ($301-$500)

Tracie Garrett
Mary Sue Garay
Lisa Delpit
Elizabeth Reagan
Kerri Damico
Johannes van Beek
Nic Ourso
Cordell and Ava Haymon

Lisa Hernandez


Circle of Change ($201-$300)

Thomas & Pam Arnold
Jada Armstrong
Linda Skapura
Joyce Meadows
Maurice Durbin
Debbie Morrill
Ellen Sessions
Jo Alice Canterbury

Anne Harrison
Circle of Compassion ($101-$200)

Betty Wooddy
Susan Lambert
Natacha Krzesaj
Molly Mckenzie
Mary Jacobs
Cheryl Palmer
Suzie Perry
Maia Butler
Rachel Wissner
Kay James
Patricia Day and Joseph Simmons
Judy Lavergne

Martha Gibson

Patricia A O'Neill

Mary Ann Abel

Dorothy Prowell

Ann Trousdale


Circle of Caring ($51-$100)

Jane Chandler
Elena Keegan
Jeanette Holcomb
Sandra Flynn
Meredith Wright
Valerie Borders
Susanne M. Jensen
Nancy Hillman
Leah Guerry
Karen Deville
Jeanne George
Rosemary Roberts
Kristi Ferachi
Christopher Frink
Karen Ceppos
Susan Wolff
Glynden Bode
Paula Hoffman

Brenda Lowry

Paula Samuels


Circle of Understanding ($25-$50)

Franklin & Darnell Lassiter
Valerie Flynn-Wintz
Clinton Pettigrew
Janet Moulder
Robert Wobil
Maida Owens
Sue Freedman
Deborah Steil
Sheila Horwitz
Paula Courville
Janice Villarrubia
Sheryl McGinnis
Heidi Schwartz Sharpiro
Michael Cascio, Jr.
Marilyn Martell
Lisa Langlois
Betty Powers
Donna Fitzgerald-DeJean
Erin Douget
Jolie Preau
Paula Clayton
Rebecca Gottsegen
Julie Nesbit
Helen Hoffpauir

Terri Hammatt

Arthur Hebert

Heidi Lebleu

Elissa O'Neal

Martha Yancey

Ada Lewis

Kate Finlayson

Barbara Roos

Grace Anderson


Open Hearted Circle (Up to $24)

Gloria Graham
Donna Fitzgerald-DeJean
Theresa Rizzutto
Maryanna Pelkowski
Dayne Narretta