This Journey is Complete.

Roberta Guillory

founder of The Red Shoes

April 16, 1937-June 4, 2024


Arrangements - 

Sunday July 21  3pm

At The Red Shoes


Roberta Guillory: A Legacy of Generosity, Love and Spiritual Illumination


Join with Roberta’s family and The Red Shoes Community to celebrate Roberta’s life and the inspiring story of how her vision for The Red Shoes grew out of her personal life story. Treasure readings from her recently completed legacy memoir, Full Circle.  The voices of women will share the remarkable story of Roberta's gift: a spiritual and supportive home for all. Copies of Roberta’s beautiful memoir will be available.

Other stories, shared from the heart, will enrich the picture of the beloved founder of The Red Shoes. 


Monday, July 22 - Visitation at St. Aloysius Church,

1:30-3:30pm, followed by a funeral service at 3:30 pm.

"It is said that we each have a unique, divine purpose, a note of the soul that we alone can play. And this unique note can only be played in this world, in time and space, in the limited world of forms. In the inner worlds that stretch beyond the horizon there is other music, beautiful celestial sounds. But here, in this world, we each have a calling and a purpose, and it seems much of life’s journey is to try to live this purpose, play this note. It is the greatest contribution we can make."


Roberta certainly embraced her "note" and her unique purpose, providing for so many to have the time, space and inspiration to explore their own divine purpose and to feel the support of a caring community through all the passages of life.

Now, Roberta is hearing that celestial symphony; imagine... the beautiful sounds surrounding her now are the whispers of the souls she has touched and nourished.