Healthy Food for Healthy Neighbors

The Fridge is Always Open For Donations.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Make and individually bag sandwiches - just date and label contents.
  • Put leftovers in containers and date and label contents
  • Frozen, prepared food - reduced sodium, fat, sugar when available
  • Yogurt
  • Bottled water and Juices
  • Leftovers from corporate events are welcome too! Just label and date. 

Fill the Pantry, Too!

  • Canned food - reduced sodium, fat, sugar when available
  • Jars of veggies and sauces
  • Baby food
  • Hygiene items always welcome


Please Note: If you bring pantry items packaged in boxes (cereal, mac and cheese, etc) or in bags (rice, pasta, etc) please put these items in the fridge. They will attract rodents if they are placed in the pantry side!


Create a Habit of Giving - Your New Habit Feeds a Hungry Person

  • Pick a day each week to donate
  • Shop for the fridge when you go to the grocery or the Farmer's Market
  • Cook a little extra to share, your meals will taste even better!
  • Family Project - Let family members help make sandwiches.

How Does It Work?


It's simple: No Forms to Fill Out. No Program to Join. No Online Process. You come by to donate - add food to the fridge or pantry so your neighbor's nutritional needs will be met. People come by, open the door, and take whatever food they want. A basic need is met by caring community members.


Thanks for joining with us to alleviate food scarcity.