A Spiritual Retreat with Meghan Don
A Vision of Hope and Goodness

Friday           May 19       7-9 pm

Saturday      May 20       10 am-5 pm

Sunday         May 21       10:30 am-12 pm

Do we really believe in the goodness of humanity right now? Do I believe in my own goodness?


When our world is going through dark times, it is essential that we maintain or re-envision a world where hope is alive and where the goodness of humanity is remembered and lived. As always, our beginning place is within our own soul. During this retreat we will ask ourselves very honest questions and dig deep for answers. We will ask: What is hope? Do we feel this hope in our bodies? Are our minds able to rest in the stability of this quintessential need? Are our hearts both strong and tender enough to live in hope?


A deeper exploration will be entered into through a re-telling of the Adam and Eve myth. We will reflect on the very root of our goodness which has been usurped by tales of punishment and banishment. We will look with different eyes at this myth to see it as an activation of human wisdom and conscious awakening in the world, and in particular, a wisdom brought forth by Eve’s intuition and sacred desire.


The feminine goodness and intuition, the feminine ray of hope and sacred desire is needed more than ever today and we are the ones who must not only spread it across the world, but more importantly, believe it right down to our very spiritual bones.


Drawing forth the wisdom of the Gnostic feminine teachings and making it relevant for our lives today, we will enter into spiritual dialogue, in-depth meditation, ancient feminine chant and sacred movement.


Sunday Morning - Gnostic Grace Circle Service


Celebrate the union of the feminine and masculine energies, within our own beings and within the world. We will invoke the Archangels of the Sacred Circle and join in chant and prayer.


Early Bird Until May 5 $135 / After $165


Facilitated by Meghan Don, author of The New Divine Feminine. Originally from New Zealand, Meghan has traveled the world in search of her spiritual truth. As founder and leading guide of The Gnostic Grace Circle, her work with mystic meditation, dance and chant helps to raise the feminine consciousness.



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