Scholar in Residence


The Black Madonna:  

A Healing Presence for Our Times

Meghan Don

Author, Spiritual Mentor, and Founder of The Sanctuary of Sophia,

A Center for the Awakened Feminine & Eco-Spiritual Community

Friday          March 6       7-9 pm

Saturday      March 7     10:30 am-4:30 pm

Sunday         March 8     10:30 am-1:30 pm

The Black Madonna is steeped in an ancient and historical feminine mystery that has been largely overlooked and forgotten. She is known as Guardian, Restorer of Justice and Healer of Humanity. The cultural turmoil we are experiencing cries out for her return to help humanity through these difficult times. We will sense her strength and presence as we begin the interior work that takes us into the injustice and pain that shadows our relationship with humanity and the earth.


We will engage in meditation, ancient feminine chant specific to the Black Madonna, personal and group reflection and writing from the heart.

Join us to learn the history of The Black Madonna and continue with an invitation to experience her presence:

~ As Guardian of Humanity and the Earth: her roots extend into our hearts and the heart of our Earth home. We will explore what her role of Guardian means for us, and what she is asking us to become for the earth and humanity.

~ As Restorer of Justice: we will seek to face the injustice which lives within ourselves, and learn where balance needs to be restored. We will find how we are asked to take this restored justice and live it in our everyday lives.

~ As Healer of Humanity: she waits for us to come to her to reveal the pain that lives in our hearts: old, ancient pain or the pain we are currently facing as a collective species.

No matter your tradition or path, the Black Madonna is Mother to us all. She leads us into the Dark Mystery of life and death, and the healing of our souls.


Facilitated by Meghan Don, author of The New Divine Feminine. Originally from New Zealand, Meghan has traveled the world embracing nature, experiencing a deep mystical journey, while immersed in Jungian psychology and compelled by the teachings of spiritual masters past and present.  In search of her spiritual truth  she is inspired to raise the feminine consciousness.  She is currently in the Catskills of New York, laying the foundation for the creation of an intentional community, "The Sanctuary of Sophia: A Center for the Awakened Feminine & Eco-Spiritual Community." 

 Friday    $20

   Early Bird Full Seminar paid by Feb 17    $95

After  $125

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