Spiritual Evolution for a Woman's Soul
Meghan Don


Author, Spiritual Mentor, and Founder of The Sanctuary of Sophia,

A Center for the Awakened Feminine & Eco-Spiritual Community

Special Offer for First-Time Retreat Participants: If you have not previously attended a Red Shoes retreat weekend - You can attend the Meghan Don retreat for 60% off: Full retreat - $60  ~ Limited Number of Spots - Special offer good through May 30! 

Friday           June 1       7-9 pm

Saturday      June 2       10 am-4 pm

Sunday         June 3       10:30 am-1:30 pm

What does it mean to become a fully authentic woman in our world today?

As old patriarchal ways are dissolving, feminine energy is calling out to come alive with embodied strength, voice, and wisdom. Learn about the new living community Meghan is creating based on the awakened feminine and eco-spirituality. How could this type of community alter how we live together on this planet?


To nourish the sacred embodiment of the feminine, we need to pause and listen: returning to deep soul connection and trusting in what is being revealed.


Join a circle of women ready to transform themselves and the world. We will draw our power from all aspects of the feminine within: the Visionary Daughter, The Fierce Mother and the Wise Elder. Meghan will lead us on a soulful journey through story, meditation, chant and small group experiences.



Now is the Moment for your soul's expression ... what next step is calling you?


Friday: The Sacred Daughter of Vision and Action

Right now in our world, the Sacred Daughter is rising to be seen and heard, bringing her vision of hope and goodness to this ground of reality. We will enter deeply into our own Sacred Daughter, unearthing our visionary and vital nature and how this essence may be offered to the world.


Saturday: The Sacred Mother of Tender & Fierce Compassion

In this time of great divisiveness, we need to become the Sacred Mother here on earth in our daily life, the Protector that She is, both in tenderness and loving fierceness. We need to return to our roots of “Original Goodness,” assisting individuals and communities to remember their shared sacredness.


Sunday: The Sacred Grandmother of Cosmic Wisdom

The Sacred Grandmother takes us into a wisdom-land beyond this world and its constricted ways. We will open the doorway for this Sacred Grandmother to take us into our own land of Cosmic Wisdom. We will open to her dissolving ways, willingly releasing our firm grip on our smaller nature and opening to the land of mystery within.



Through times of guided meditation, small group activities, interactive discussion and creative arts, you will connect with your true self, release your fears and sense the next best steps calling to you on your healing journey.


Facilitated by Meghan Don, author of The New Divine Feminine. Originally from New Zealand, Meghan has traveled the world in search of her spiritual truth and is inspired to raise the feminine consciousness.


Friday only     $30

Full Retreat   $150

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