A  Special Zoom Program

Feminine Courage  


Meghan Don


Author, Spiritual Mentor, and Founder of The Sanctuary of Sophia,

A Center for the Awakened Feminine & Eco-Spiritual Community 

Sunday         September 12     2-3:30 pm







“In all chaos there is a cosmos

in all disorder a secret order.”



                       ~ Carl Jung

As our world and life we know is being chaotically disrupted everywhere we look, we are being called to stand and face all the loss, death, and uncertainty with a courage that has never been asked of us before. 


To have courage means to live from your whole heart, and in order to do this, you need to be living in, and from your whole body, firmly grounded on this Earth with a living faith and hope. What do you have faith in? Does hope still live within the depths and darkness of your body? Do you have faith in yourself to navigate what is being asked of you?


Courage asks us to be with the reality of what lies before us, and she also asks us to know of another reality that lives by our side and indeed lives within. And that is, the greater vision that knows dissolution is a necessary part of life and the birthing of something new and wondrous for humanity, no matter how it looks to our human eyes and minds. 


Together, we will learn how to navigate both realities; feeling the loss and chaos, but not emotionally drowning in it; opening to the greater wonder for humanity and our Earth and consciously living it in our lives here and now. 

We will ask the questions posed above about faith and hope, and dig deeply for the answers, opening to know that we have the power within to bring the changes that are needed both in our personal and collective lives. 


“I am union and dissolution

I abide and dissolve

I am perfect union and rest.”


                                       ~ Thunder, Perfect Mind


Open my heart dear Grandmother Crone

Let me feel the truth of all being united in You

Let me not fear the flames tearing our

world and Earth apart

May dissolution become life-giving love

May separation become union

In my soul and heart

In my heart and body

In the soul and heart of the world

And in the heart and body of the Earth

Let there be rest in my mind

Let me know peace

So your power may live through me

To bring your restored justice

for all people

in all lands

I believe in you Grandmother Crone

Let me believe in me. 


                                      ~ Meghan Don


*Please register by 11:30 am Sunday, September 12 to receive the Zoom link *

Facilitated by Meghan Don, author of Feminine CourageRev. Meghan Don is an award-winning author, evolutionary mystic, retreat presenter and spiritual mentor. Her work raises the feminine confidence in women and feminine consciousness in men. She has been described as “THE VOICE” in showing humanity how to integrate the feminine aspect in our lives. Rev. Meghan has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, The Sophia Institute, The Red Shoes, and new-thought churches. Her books are Feminine Courage: Remembering Your Voice and Vision Through a Retelling of Our Myths and Inner Stories; Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi; and Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey into the Sacred, which won the Ashton Wylie/New Zealand Book Council Award for best book and author. Rev. Meghan was born in New Zealand, lived over twenty years in the United States, and is now living in Ireland, having been called back to the land of her Ancestors.  

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*Please register by 11:30 am Sunday, September 12 to receive the Zoom link *