Spiritual Retreat Weekend


Manifesting the Life You Want To Live


Miriam Divinsky

Friday, April 28

7-9 pm

Saturday, April 29    

9:30 am-5:30 pm


Open to conscious transformation with a true spiritual alchemist. Explore energy techniques to remove blocks that stand between you and your purely divine self. 


Dowsing: Search for Truth

Friday   April 28     7-9 pm

You can access your own truth—truth that sets you free to own your life—and live it by choice. Make the “impossible” possible with the ancient art of spiritual dowsing, an intuitive biofeedback system of measuring and changing the energies in and around us. Dowsing is a transformation technology that allows us to raise our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies to create the life we want. 


Manifesting the Life You Want To Live

Saturday   April 29     9:30 am-5:30 pm

If you knew that you were immortal, that you DO live forever, what would you live for? Access your divinity and your own highest guidance that leads you to manifest the life you desire in alignment with the purpose you came here to fulfill. Gain access to your own truth – the truth that sets you free to own your life and to live it by conscious choice. With an awareness of the spiritual laws, you can enter an area of conscious manifestation and create affirmations that really move your life in the direction you choose.  Explore repressed fears and emotions that prevent healing. Experience their release, enabling you to access your full potential and connect to Source. Consciously realize a higher and more fulfilling life. 


Friday $20

Saturday $75

Combo $90


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Facilitated by Miriam Divinsky, Ph.D., certified spiritual dowser, licensed spiritual health coach, founder of the Authentic Life Center in Magnolia, MA, and Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.