Become a Mentor

Lifting Loans Business Mentors: Looking For a Few Good Women

The Red Shoes' Lifting Loans program offers low interest micro loans to women entrepreneurs interested in starting or growing a small business. One component of the program is a caring mentor.  

Lifting Loans is inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning success story of the Grameen Bank, a model demonstrating that women who have women supporting them are far more successful in business.

Each mentor works with a recipient for twelve to twenty-four months, depending on the duration of the loan. Our mentor and mentee can choose a meeting schedule, with a minimum of one phone and one face-to-face meeting each month.
What's in it for you? The fulfillment of seeing a Lifting Loans recipient successfully pay back her loan as she becomes a business success. You will know your time is really making a difference.

For more information on being a mentor, contact us by calling (225) 338-1170.