The Red Shoes Circle 2017

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With deep appreciation we say thank you to everyone who joined the Circle. We are all One; our thoughts and actions reverberate and affect all.

Circle of Commitment ($501 and above)

Richard Gordon

Dr. John & Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas

Sandy Patrick

Sustaining Circle ($301-$500)

Lisa Delpit

Fran Harvey (In memory of Boots Cristina)

Maida Owens


Circle of Change ($201-$300)

Eileen Bossier (In honor of Tina Ufford & Wendy Herschman)

Jo Alice Canterbury

Maurice Durbin

Gerry Stark

Anna Wilkinson

Circle of Compassion ($101-$200)

Sandy Brown (In honor of Sunday Sacred Circle)

Jane Chandler

Lynn Clark (In honor of Mary Mikell & Tricia Day)

Lynda Johnson

Sharon Kernan

Susan Lambert


Circle of Caring ($51-$100)

Valerie Borders

Albert & Eleanor Fraenkel

Pat Godfrey

Terri Hammatt (In honor of Wendy Herschman)

Helen Hoffpauir

Mary Jacob

Sylvia Martinez

Betty Powers

Janice Villarrubia


Circle of Understanding ($25-$50)

Maureen Corcoran (In honor of Sylvia Steineiz)

Paula Courville

Martha Dishongh

Evan & Emily Dvorin

Susan Freedman

Judy Lithgoe

Sister Chris Pologa

Betty Powers

Grace Ramke

Paula Samuels

Allegra Yancey


Open Hearted Circle (Up to $24)