The Red Shoes Circle 2017

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With deep appreciation we say thank you to everyone who joined the Circle. We are all One; our thoughts and actions reverberate and affect all.

Circle of Commitment ($501 and above)

Celia Bailey

Richard Gordon

Lurther & Kathryn Kissam (In honor of Roberta Guillory)

Dr. John & Elizabeth "Boo" Thomas

Sandy Patrick

Marilyn Rosenson

Becky Simmons

Celia Strickler

Lois Warrington

Women's Council of Greater Baton Rouge

Sustaining Circle ($301-$500)

Wendy Bateman

Kerri D'Amico

Lisa Delpit

Fran Harvey (In memory of Boots Cristina)

Diane Marabella

Maida Owens

Carolyn Thornton (In honor of Anne Marks)


Circle of Change ($201-$300)

Eileen Bossier (In honor of Tina Ufford & Wendy Herschman)

Jo Alice Canterbury

Maurice Durbin

Mary Sue Garay

Anne Marks

Gerry Stark

Melinda Walsh

Anna Wilkinson

Circle of Compassion ($101-$200)

Mary Ann Abel

Maia Butler

Sandy Brown (In honor of Sunday Sacred Circle)

Pamela Carter

Jane Chandler

Lynn Clark (In honor of Mary Mikell & Tricia Day)

Sandra Flynn

Jeanne George

Mary Irving

Kay James

Lynda Johnson

Sharon Kernan

Susan Lambert

Ann Trousdale

William & Jean Wilcox (In honor of Becky Simmons)


Circle of Caring ($51-$100)

Lucinda Beacham

Valerie Borders

Marjorie Bourgeois

Anne Bucey

Karen Ceppos

Donna Fitzgerald-Dejean (In honor of Charlie & Elise Kaufman)

David & Leila Dragon (In honor of Christie Dragon)

Jeralyn Ducote

Albert & Eleanor Fraenkel

Pat Godfrey

Terri Hammatt (In honor of Wendy Herschman)

Nancy Hillman

Paula Hoffman (In honor of Wendy Herschman)

Helen Hoffpauir

Susan Hymel

Mary Jacob

Christopher Kisling

Sylvia Martinez

Patricia O'Neill

Betty Powers

Georgia Trist

Janice Villarrubia

Harriet Walters

Sally Williams

Susan Wolff


Circle of Understanding ($25-$50)

Megan Assaf

Lisa Bovenkamp-Langlois

Maureen Corcoran (In honor of Sylvia Steineiz)

Paula Courville

Caroline Derbes

Margaret DiJohn

Martha Dishongh

Evan & Emily Dvorin

Lois Folse

Susan Freedman

Elena Keegan

Judy Lithgoe

Michelle Masse

Charlene & Stan Montelaro (In honor of Susan & Lionel Lambert)

Janet Moulder

Joann Parker

Lee Parsons

Sister Chris Pologa

Betty Powers

Grace Ramke

Paula Samuels

Deborah Steil

Elaine Strenski (In memory of John Strenski)

Karen Vingiello

Linda Weinstein

Catherine Williams

Allegra Yancey


Open Hearted Circle (Up to $24)

Dayne Narretta

Rebecca Triche

Haleema Waddy-Cooper

Melissa Lyne White