Mother's Day Reflections

We all know mothering is not represented by any one experience, event or person. Rather, there are many facets of "mother," a constellation of experiences we think of on Mother's Day. These experiences and this relationship with "mother" affect aspects of our lives, from childhood until we leave this earthly journey. Women from our Red Shoes community chose to remember their mothers and share their thoughts. Perhaps these writings will add depth and enrichment to how you think about the influence of "mother" in your life. 

As I thought about my own mother, now 95, I realized she has always been a source of love and compassion in my life and she has nourished that part of me that senses the needs of all life that surrounds me. 

We hope you will enjoy these maternal musings,

Wendy Herschman, executive director


Thank you for inviting me to share my Mother with you.

My mother was the most kind, humble, and loving mother that I remember. We had several rough spots as I was growing up, but when I "grew up" I began to really appreciate my mother. I learned to love and respect her more than I ever imagined I would. I think it might have had to do with my own growing up.  She died in 2008 and I miss her every day. She was a very kind soul.

It is also interesting to me that you posted a picture of elephants. I am extremely drawn to elephants for so many reasons. It is truly amazing how the unknown appears.

Thank you for this opportunity to share this note in honor of my Mother, Edith.

Lynn Wiggins

My mom journeyed to her next stop at age 99, almost four years ago.  Yet, her parenting wisdom still comes to me in bursts of insight at times when I am most distressed.  I am so thankful for her sagacity, her humor, her compassion, her love.  And I am so thankful that she is still willing to share it all with me!
Lisa Delpit

My mother, especially in her later years, personified love and she was 100% for me, and I still feel her presence and her love, as well as my Fathers, all these years later.


Ellen Bander

My son and his wife just gave me the best Mothers Day present! Aster Nolan Folse was born 2:15 am on Mothers Day 2019! The middle name was the name of a well known man in Baton Rouge, Nolan Chaix. My uncle Nolan spent every day of his life giving of himself to others! I am one joyous mother this Mother’s Day! 


Lorna Folse


Thanks for the beautiful message. My mom is in heaven looking down on me every day. I miss her on this day and every day, but I know she is no longer in pain from her breast cancer. It is sometimes hard to put in words all that she shared and did for me. Her favorite poem was "It shows on your face." I hope she is smiling and having a great day. I also miss my mother-in-law and know she and my mother are watching me every day. Thanks to you 2 for all the love you showed me in your own special way.
Susan Curtis

My mother was one of the members of The Greatest Generation! What invaluable lessons about life she passed on to me! May I be as strong and as wise as she was. 


Thank you, Mama  
Anne Harrison

I lost my mother in December of 2016; she was 90 years old. She was my mother, my friend, my spiritual advisor, and an extraordinary woman. Her astrological birth chart resembled a Star of David. She taught the Enneagram, studied Jungian psychology, taught dream workshops and started numerous dream groups in Shreveport and the surrounding area. The world is a better place for her having lived in it and a sadder place without her. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 


Love, Beth Glenn

I lost my mom last year. I think I just imagine she is still here and that's how I deal with it. She had a peculiar childhood as an only child with parents that divorced. She was a unique, creative free spirit that was married to my Dad, a man who believed women were supposed to keep the home and care ''for children, for 70 years. Dad would scoff at and ridicule her outside interests, but she traveled to Europe, brought my sisters and I there, tap danced into her 60s, took tennis lessons, French lessons, handwriting-analysis, acting classes and had a ready sense of humor. She was one of the original organizers of MDA in Baton Rouge and the Jerry Lewis Telethon, as well as a participant in other Mother's marches and abuse help-lines.  She dedicated her life to her family. But I'd rather that she had felt free to have a career doing whatever she wanted. I would have loved to see her as powerful and successful.


Jan Dardenne

My mom passed away 54 years ago when I was eight.  Still after all these years, I have moments when I want my Ma. It's like nobody else will do.   And at the same time, I know from my core that Love never dies.  John O'Donohue says that our deceased loved ones are better able to help us from the other side because they are no longer limited by time or space.  I suppose I am living proof of that.  She is my guardian angel!


Love you,


Debbie Morrill

I’d like to share thoughts about my mom that came to mind when talking to a friend who is a teacher.  Mom was not an educator or a teacher. My dad read to me at night and helped when I wrestled with math word problems in 5th grade.  But Mom listened to me read those Alice and Jerry books in first grade.  And she listened to me - my stories, my worries, my dreams.  I always knew she believed I had something to say.

With love,
Anne Bucey

My mother's arms were soft, warm, strong, comforting.  Always at the ready to give a helping hand.  And she had beautiful skin.



Judy Whitmire