Our Yoga Teachers

Valerie Flynn-Wintz

Valerie Flynn-Wintz is a yoga instructor, certified for restorative yoga.  She finds that gentle poses increase circulation and flexibility and renew vitality.  Valerie is a cancer survivor who was teaching gentle yoga six weeks after major surgery, while still undergoing radiation therapy. Valerie has been a health practitioner for more than twenty years, and has found her life's purpose in facilitating health for others.  


Tina Ufford

Tina Ufford is a multi-talented yoga instructor who has been guiding us through restorative, meditative, and strength building practice for seven years. Trained in the Yoga Steps tradition by Greg Turner, she is knowledgeable in most forms of yoga, but has found her niche here with a gentle yet challenging take on basic yoga poses, called asana.

Tina says, "I like to run the class like more of a workshop, helping people with what they are troubled by that day, in the mind/body in that moment."

Tina's second career is massage therapy. She has held a Louisiana licence for 10 years and is an instructor at the Moore Career College. In class you may receive a little foot massage while in Shivasana (lying down at the end of class for a 3-5 minute meditation), or be guided in some self massage, and maybe learn some new anatomy vocabulary!