Interfaith Spiritual Experience



Reaching to the Tree of Life: 

A Sacred Journey

With Rabbi Jill Hammer


Co-sponsored by

Hadassah Baton Rouge



Sunday, May 19

11 am - 3 pm


One of the most ancient and powerful images of the divine feminine is the sacred tree.  We find this tree in the Garden of Eden, where She is called the Tree of Life.  The Tree also appears in the book of Proverbs as God’s constant companion and advisor. In this workshop, we’ll create a sacred ritual container to explore the story of Eve, the Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Life.  We’ll use song, sacred text, bibliodrama—spontaneous entry into the voices of biblical characters— and writing to discover the hidden tales and meanings within this story.  As we close our work together, we’ll invoke the Tree of Life in ourselves and one another. 


Facilitated by Rabbi Jill Hammer, poet, author and founder of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and the Director of Spiritual Education at the Academy for Jewish Religion and accompanied by Shoshana Jedwab, founding faculty member at Kohenet, educator, ritual drummer and worship leader.


Special Advanced Payment Price $25

 Includes Lunch




Books by Rabbi Jill Hammer

Sisters at Sinai: New Tales of Biblical Women
This is an exceptional anthology of 24 stories about the women in the Bible. Drawing from the ancient tradition of midrash, the author brings to life the inner world and the experiences of these women, weaving rabbinic legends and her own imagination into the biblical texts. These stories were written to give biblical women the honor they deserve—due to them as prophets, rulers, and teachers. 

The Jewish Book of Days: A Companion for All Seasons

Throughout the ages, Jews have connected legends to particular days of the Hebrew calendar. This work invites readers to experience the connection between sacred story and nature’s rhythms. These daily readings offer an opportunity to live in tune with the wisdom of the past while learning new truths about the times we live in today. 

The Kohenet Siddur 

The Kohenet Siddur is an earth-based Jewish prayerbook supporting those seeking to pray in feminine-gendered Hebrew. The siddur includes traditional Hebrew prayers for the Sabbath, festivals, and weekdays, as well as home and table rituals. 

Omer Calendar of Biblical Women

This calendar is a journey through the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot. According to the kabbalah, each of these forty-nine days embodies a unique combination of divine attributes, or sefirot. Each day of this calendar features the story of a biblical woman who embodies the unique spiritual dimension of that day of the Omer.  

The Hebrew Priestess

It has been barely 40 years since rabbinical seminaries began ordaining women as rabbis.  But women have played a role in Jewish religious leadership from the days of the Bible, and even before. The Hebrew Priestess tells the stories of these women, weaving together a careful examination of historical antecedents, along with the personal experiences of women on this new path of Jewish priestesshood.

Video:  Rabbi Jill Hammer, Speaking with God

Video:  Shoshana Jedwab