NIRA: Doctor,  Energy Healers and Nutrition Specialists from  Mumbai, India

Meditation, Healing and Transformation


Introduction to NIRA: Meet Dr. Sitesh Roy

Friday         July 13    7-8 pm


Learn about NIRA, a non-profit wisdom school for healing and self-transformation based in Mumbai, India.

Suggested donation $5

NIRA: Meditation Retreat

Saturday    July 14    8 am-5 pm

Sunday       July 15    8 am-5 pm


Meditation, Healing and Transformation

Experience an intensive 2-day retreat focusing on the art of self-healing and body purification to alleviate stress and release negative emotions. This master-led process emphasizes the deep understanding of the true self and assists in personal clearing and transformation. The goal is the centering of energies to connect with higher realms of consciousness to bring about peace and the healing of physical, emotional and mental blocks. Practices include guided sessions on stress management, silence, relaxation techniques, healing processes and sacred meals. Release anxiety as this NIRA trained team helps you develop new living skills to restore balance.


Facilitated by Dr. Sitesh Roy, diplomate of the Ameri-can Board of Allergy & Immunology, holistic healer, Reiki grandmaster and a nutrition and lifestyle coach; his wife, Hemangi, a Reiki Grandmaster and Divine Diet Consultant; and Dr. Mridula Nair, 4th generation Ayur-vedic healer, Divine Diet Consultant, Life coach, NIRA.


Energized vegetarian lunch included.

Early bird before July 1   $175

After   $200


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