New Horizons

The Red Shoes is proud to partner with lululemon's Here to Be program to offer New Horizons


Who Am I Here to Be?

"Myself, My Vulnerability, Everything the World Told Me

I Couldn't Be,

I am here to Be Un-apologetically Me."


 As a Here to Be  partner, The Red Shoes is creating a series of programs that will address inequities in wellness. Our schedule of New Horizons programs will be introduced shortly, as we rebuild our programming after our COVID 19 closure. We are excited to bring healing and wellness to a more diverse population. and we are grateful for this opportunity to focus on access and removing barriers to healthy living.  


Along with lululemon, The Red Shoes believes everyone has the right to be well. Here to Be is lululemon's social impact program. Together with partners, their goal is to disrupt inequity in wellbeing through movement, mindfulness, and advocacy.


"Everyone has the right to be well. We recognize that trauma takes a heavy toll and know that movement and mindfulness practices have the power to support mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Yet, systemic inequities create barriers to access. Here to Be exists to help ensure movement and mindfulness practices are available to those who need it, and advocates for systemic change so that everyone can be well."


- lululemon

The New Horizons program at The Red Shoes is sponsored in partnership with lululemon.