Weekly Sacred Circles

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Sunday Sacred Circle

Sundays                5-6 pm
A Course in Miracles Mondays               7-8:30 pm
Compassion in Action Wednesdays          10:30 am-12 pm
Meditation Wednesdays          5-6 pm
Dream Discovery Thursdays             10:30 am-12 pm
Spiritual Journey Circle Thursdays             6-7 pm

Compassion in Action 
Wednesdays     Beginning May 1  10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Join a vibrant group for thought provoking dialogue of current social justice topics in a respectful setting.  Based on books chosen by the group, discussion will increase your awareness, deepen your compassion, and inspire action to create a better community and world.

Suggested Monthly Donation $20


Meditation and Spiritual Awakening 

Wednesdays   Beginning May 1   
5-6 pm


Relax into a quiet time of exploration and meditation. Enjoy stillness that creates a time to empty and reconnect to Source. The first Wednesday of each month is a time of coloring meditation with quiet music. Some instruction offered each week as we develop and deepen our practice.


Facilitated by Wendy Herschman, who enjoys sharing the joy of group meditation.

Suggested Donation $5


Dream Discovery
Thursdays    Beginning May 2    10:30 am-12 pm


Discover more about yourself as you learn to work with your dreams. The language of dreams offers valuable insights into understanding your relationships, your choices, your past and your future. Basic elements of Carl Jung’s work are a part of this exploration. While studying and sharing dreams, we learn ways to interpret and understand them in a meaningful way.


Facilitated by Joan McCaskill, Spiritual Director, MA.


 Monthly $40


Spiritual Journey Circle 

Thursdays    Beginning May 2     6-7 pm


Find inspiration on this journey that opens the door to the ideas of diverse spiritual teachers. We begin this season with a study of The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose by Oprah Winfrey. 


Facilitated by Wendy Herschman, & members of the circle.



Suggested monthly donation $20


Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meeting - Meditation 

Thursdays     Beginning May 2     7-8 pm


Together we explore guided meditation and share our experience, strength & hope toward living a Sober Life.



Earth Based Healing – Robin Cunningham

Saturday May 4 & Sunday May 5        

9:30 am-5 pm


Returning to harmony with nature, mother earth and mankind has never been more critical than at this moment in time. We will gather to immerse in the dynamics of earth healing, earth teachings, personal empowerment, prayer and walking the earth in a good way. We will approach with a ‘beginners mind,’ and for two days together we will:

· Work with the 4 cardinal directions and spirits.

· Explore prayer bundles, sacred tools, and ceremonial practice in daily life.

· Create personal ritual to support ourselves and others.

· Learn to communicate with the natural world and become mindful of symbology.

This is an experience that will deepen your connection to the earth in a way that will enrich your days and heal.


Facilitated by Rev. Robin Cunningham, Vibrational Medicine Specialist - CH, LMT, RRMT working with holistic forms of healing for nearly 45 years.




Sunday Sacred Circle 

Sundays    Beginning May 5   5-6 pm


Nourish your spirit. Enjoy a time of introspection, an inter-religious, ecumenical experience for those yearning to unite through prayer, chanting, inspirational readings and silence with Spirit.


Facilitated by inspired members of the circle.

Donations appreciated


A Course in Miracles 

Mondays    Beginning May 6   7-8:30 pm


Seeking a new, joy-filled perspective on life? Join our weekly study of A Course in Miracles, a powerful, life-changing course that guides us to happiness and peace. Open to all the possibilities of each day and enjoy the miracles of life.


Facilitated by Nic Ourso, who has studied A Course in Miracles for many years.


Suggested Monthly Donation $20


A Taste of Zen

Mondays    Beginning May 6   7-8:30 pm


Join us on Mondays to develop the practice at the heart of Zen Buddhism, Zazen. Experience seated Zen meditation and a Dharma talk with time for questions and discussion. Guidance for beginners. Join us to learn Zen basics to build a meaningful life practice.


Facilitated by Gary Muso Pettigrew, an ordained Dharma holder (Hoshi) in the White Plum Zen lineage, and Shelby Jikai Gallagher, B.A. in Religious Studies. 


Donation per class $10


Drumming and Story: Drum Circle

Tuesday     May 7     6-7:30 pm


Celebrate story at the center of drumming! Tonight we drum our hearts alive.  Come join us! The voice of the drum combines with the voice of the Ancestors, the voice of Spirit, and the voice of our own soul to create a powerful and transformational rhythm. The beat is universal – it echoes the rhythm of the heart, signaling a state of calm or one of stress, which the nervous system and brain register and share with the rest of the body. Drumming will enliven your heart and soothe your soul.  We will have instruments on hand or bring your own percussion instruments - be creative, plastic buckets, any type shakers and rattles, as well as traditional drums. - all welcome!   


Robin Cunningham is unable to join us as a co-facilitator for this circle. Her partner in new Mexico is healing from recent surgery and we send warm prayers for healing and full recovery. Robin will be re-scheduling her classes at The Red Shoes as soon as she is able to travel.



Facilitated by Cindi DiMarco, acoustic singer/song writer, Reiki Master Teacher who is studying to become a Shamanic Facilitator.



Unlocking the Power of Your Shadow

Wednesday     May 8     6:30 - 8:30 pm


Learn how you might transform your life by using Jung's work in a coaching model instead of a therapy model. Reveal the unconscious reason that you are not getting the results you want in your life. Without uncovering that reason, you will continue to get the same results. Discover the benefits Jungian coaching offers in exploring the shadow and unconscious blocks. Learn to release the energy contained in your shadow and begin using it for creativity and abundance. Experience an exercise and visualization process which will help you become more conscious of something in your shadow which may be preventing you from getting what you think you want. Leave with specific tools to help free your mind.

You will be invited to sign up for a free coaching session with Shea to explore what emerged during the shadow exercise portion of the workshop.   


Facilitated by Shea Tully, who is training at The Center for Jungian Positive Psychology in Los Angeles.




Brain Injury:

I Just Bumped My Head, I’ll Be OK!

Tuesday     May 14     6:30 - 8:30 pm


The brain, and all it is and does can be quite mysterious, and downright terrifying, especially when trauma impacts its health and wellness. Learn about the signs, symptoms and possible outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). We will discuss the life-changing issues facing both the individual suffering these traumas, as well as their friends, family, and caregivers. Understand brain injury and how it relates to strokes, dementia and memory loss. What can we do to prevent brain trauma and heal the brain? Gain a deeper understanding of the science of the brain and how lifestyle changes might have a positive impact.


Facilitated by Rev. Robin Cunningham, Vibrational Medicine Specialist - CH, LMT, RRMT working with holistic forms of healing for nearly 45 years.



Community Healing Clinic with Meditation and Pranic Healing 

3rd Wednesdays    May 15   

6:30-8:30 pm


Experience Pranic Healing, a path to rejuvenation and healing. We begin with light stretching followed by the “Meditation on Twin Hearts,” a meditation based on the universal prayer of St. Francis. The meditation promotes physical and mental well-being, while also blessing loved ones, your career and Mother Earth.  Healing sessions are offered after meditation, as time permits.  


Facilitated by Pat Cole and Misagh Naderi - students of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and members of Pranic Healing of Baton Rouge


Suggested Donation $10



Messy Bed, Messy HeadWhere Clutter Comes From & How To Clean It Up

Saturday        May 18    10 am—4 pm


Tired of drowning in mess and clutter? Are you too embarrassed by your messy house to invite friends over? Whether it’s your home, car, closet or inbox, most of us have pockets of clutter that drain us energetically and derail our best-laid plans. Through writing exercises, meditation and visioning, learn how to create a warm, inviting home that is a welcoming oasis. Discover where messiness and clutter come from and what they really cost you. End the calamity and chaos of clutter by assigning your possessions a home of their own.   


Facilitated by Cindy Cooley, Transformation Strategist, who grew up in a messy house and later discovered the freedom that comes with living in simplicity and order.


Includes workbook  & Amazon #1 New Release Book,

Messy Bed, Messy Head



Interfaith Spiritual Experience

Reaching to the Tree of Life: A Sacred Journey

With Visiting Rabbi Jill Hammer

Sunday     May 19     11 am - 3 pm


One of the most ancient and powerful images of the divine feminine is the sacred tree.  We find this tree in the Garden of Eden, where She is called the Tree of Life.  The Tree also appears in the book of Proverbs as God’s constant companion and advisor. In this workshop, we’ll create a sacred ritual container to explore the story of Eve, the Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Life.  We’ll use song, sacred text, bibliodrama—spontaneous entry into the voices of biblical characters— and writing to discover the hidden tales and meanings within this story.  As we close our work together, we’ll invoke the Tree of Life in ourselves and one another. 


Facilitated by Rabbi Jill Hammer, poet, author and founder of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and the Director of Spiritual Education at the Academy for Jewish Religion and accompanied by Shoshana Jedwab, founding faculty member at Kohenet, educator, ritual drummer and worship leader.


Special Advanced Payment Price $25

Includes Lunch



Volunteer: Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank 
3rd Tuesdays     May 21     10 am - 12 pm

Location: 10600 S Choctaw Dr.  
(Fraenkel Center) 


Can you offer two hours that will make a big difference? Join our team, call today to volunteer. Help The Food Bank achieve their mission to feed the hungry in Baton Rouge. All food must be sorted and categorized for distribution. That is where we come in: we will meet at the food bank to sort or bag food.


Wear Closed-toe shoes/No Fee 


Just Added:

Ramadan: A Taste of Tradition

Wednesday     May 22     7-9 pm


Sharing Islamic Traditions - Explore the traditions and meaning of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer. Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint and deepen empathy for those less fortunate by fasting from daybreak to sunset. To enrich our understanding of our neighbors observing this tradition, we will hear personal memories of Ramadan customs. At sunset, we will enjoy the ritual of Iftar, breaking fast with traditional foods generously offered by our friends at Atlas Foundation.


Facilitated by Omaya Jazairli, Fevzi Saraç and members of Atlas Foundation.


Suggested donation $5

An Introduction to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing System® 

Tuesday      May 28     6:30-8:30 pm


Join us for an introduction to an effective and powerful “no-touch” healing modality developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that uses life force or Prana to heal physical and emotional ailments. Learn how the system works and how prana can be applied to accelerate your body’s ability to heal itself.  Enhance your knowledge of the chakras and experience feeling energy. You will also have the opportunity to sense intense peace, stillness and forgiveness through the Meditation on Twin Hearts.


Facilitated by Pat Cole, an Intuitive Healer and an Introductory Workshop Leader of Master Choa Kok Sui’s courses and a student of his courses and teachings on Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.