The Heroine's Quest: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

A Jungian Guide to Individuation and

Fulfillment in Midlife and Beyond with

Kayleen Asbo, PhD

Cultural Historian, Musician, Writer

Friday         October 27      7-9 pm

Saturday     October 28     10 am-5 pm

Sunday        October 29     10 am-1 pm


Gift yourself a weekend to immerse in your own journey of self-realization, taking steps towards personal wholeness. Explore how the movie The Wizard of Oz and the musical Wicked provide a pathway for spiritual and psychological transformation.


Friday: Through lecture and clips of the iconic movie, we'll gain an understanding of how the 1939 classic film mirrors the alchemical process of individuation and a map of the personality that Carl Jung revealed as an important tool for self-discovery and understanding.


Saturday: We will dive deeply into how The Wizard of Oz provides a mirror for the development and integration of aspects of our personalities. We will also explore the Broadway musical Wicked as an illustration of how to befriend the hidden and unacknowledged parts of the psyche—what Jung called the Shadow. Guided journaling, art activities and small group sharing will enhance your insights into your own life's journey and give you tools to empower your own inner heroine.


Sunday: Accompanied by beautiful music, our quest for wholeness will culminate in a ritual of integration on our indoor labyrinth walk.



 3-Day Price $120

Friday Only $20

Saturday Only $90

Sunday Only $20


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Kayleen Asbo is a cultural historian, musician, writer and teacher who weaves together myth, music, psychology, history and art. She is a faculty member of the Pacifica Graduate Institute and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She is the Creative Director and Mythologist for the Mythica Foundation for Education, Contemplation and the Arts and has presented at Michael Conforti’s Assisi Institute Conference in Italy.