Weekly Sacred Circles

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Sunday Sacred Circle

Sundays                5-6 pm
A Course in Miracles Mondays               7-8:30 pm
Compassion in Action Wednesdays        10:30 am-12 pm
Meditation Wednesdays         5-6 pm
Dream Discovery Thursdays             10:30 am-12 pm
Spiritual Journey Circle Thursdays             6-7 pm

*Retreat is full and registration is closed*


Discovering Your Inner Peace: Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Assault
Saturday         June 3       10 am-4 pm


Come together for a day of empowerment and inner peace: A day to take care of YOU.


Feel stress melt away as you experience meditation and relaxation techniques including therapeutic art, yoga and music. This retreat is an opportunity to focus on you: your power, strength and inner beauty. With a supportive network of women, experience healing processes designed to enhance your mental and physical health. Enjoy a delicious lunch, enjoying conversation with a supportive community of women. This day of relaxation is offered at no cost through a partnership with The Red Shoes and the Sexual Trauma Awareness & Response Center (STAR) and a grant from the Junior League of Baton Rouge. If you or someone you know is interested in attending, please contact STAR: 615-7093 or The Red Shoes: 338-1170.

All participants pre-register with STAR.

No Fee


Yoga Nidra for Self-Healing
Sunday           June 4      2-4 pm


Yoga nidra is a beautiful healing modality for creating inner clarity and a nurturing connection to the soul. Join DeeDee for a beautiful practice centered in the intention of self-healing. This session will include sound healing and guided meditation, while fully reclined on a yoga mat. For beginners & experienced meditators.

Facilitated by Delisha “DeeDee” Jones, certified yoga instructor, meditation facilitator and energy healer.



Book Study: Hallelujah Anyway
Mondays       June 5-26     6:30-8 pm


"How can you not love mercy—kindness, compassion, forgiveness? It’s like not loving dessert, or cheese.”


Like many of us, Anne Lamott felt like she had spent a lifetime in the pursuit of achieving. She decided she wanted more. She shares in Hallelujah Anyway, the theology and psychology that allowed her to finally feel alive. "Mercy means that we soften ever so slightly, so that we don’t have to condemn others." Anne recalls “the need for ... mercy, underpinned most of my lifelong agitation, my separation from life and self." Together, we will explore how mercy for ourselves and others can help us accept and value our lives.

Facilitated by Robin Palmer Blanche, author of young adult novels, a former television executive and movie producer, now a proud mother of two.



Owning Your Expertise: How To Make Writing a Breeze

Tuesday         June 6         6:30-8 pm


You have a message you’ve been wanting to communicate to the world. There’s an experience you’ve gone through that could help other people, but you’re not a writer. Perhaps you are an experienced professional and a book would position you as an expert in your field. This discussion is perfect whether you've written zero, one or one-million words. Join this discussion and learn steps to writing a book, even if you are not a writer. If you are already working on a book, these steps will help you get to the finish line faster!


Facilitated by Monique Moliere Piper, M.A., a keynote speaker, bestselling author and certified professional coach. She has been coaching women for over 8 years.



Book Study: Women Who Run with the Wolves

Wednesdays     June 7-28          6:30-8 pm

Fridays              July 7-28           10:30 am-12 pm

Mondays            August 7-28      6:30-8 pm


Within every woman there lives a powerful instinctual force, passionate creativity and ageless knowing - the archetypal “Wild Woman” who culturally has been suppressed, caged into compliance. In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Dr. Estés unfolds fairytales to help us reawaken the fierce, healthy and visionary attributes of our own “wild woman.” This summer, we will work in- depth with three tales (one each month) to see how they illuminate our life patterns and perspectives.


June: The Ugly Duckling - Many people experience the feeling of being outcast and different from one's own family and community. Katharine Volk, leading our discussion of The Ugly Duckling, will help us explore not

only how to survive, but how to find a "family" that can bring new vitality and belonging into one's life.


Facilitated by Joan McCaskill, spiritual director, MA and Katharine Volk, LCSW, in training as a candidate with the Inner Regional Society of Jungian Analysts.


Monthly $40


Ramadan: Sharing Islamic Traditions
Thursday   June 8       7-8:30 pm


Explore the traditions and meaning of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer. Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint and deepen empathy for those less fortunate by fasting from daybreak to sunset. To enrich our understanding of our neighbors observing this tradition, we will hear personal memories of Ramadan customs. At sunset, we will enjoy the ritual of Iftar, breaking fast with traditional foods generously offered by our friends at Atlas Foundation.

Facilitated by Omaya Jazairli, Fevzi Saraç and members of Atlas Foundation.



Field Trip: Blueberry Picking *Family Friendly

Saturday         June 10           4:30 pm

Location: 2199 Holly Ridge Rd, Jackson, LA


We’ll carpool and caravan to the beautiful Blueberry Ridge Orchard to pick our own blueberries and eat as we pick! We will go in the evening to avoid the heat of the day and enjoy sunset amongst the blueberry bushes. Not only will you come home with pounds of nutritious berries, but you will feel refreshed and inspired by the beauty of the loaded bushes. Maps provided when we meet in the parking lot at The Red Shoes. Please arrive by 4:30 so we can leave at 4:45 for this 45 minute ride.


Shamanic Healing: Nature’s Way

Tuesday         June 13       6:30-8:30 pm


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life still appropriate for our modern world. The teachings focus on our connection to nature and promote the well-being of all creation. Come experience a shamanic drumming journey and discover your animal spirit and other realities which will help you connect to nature and teach you about healing yourself, others and the world. Join this introduction to Shamanism and let your spiritual warrior flourish.


Facilitated by Michael Running Bear, a spiritual counselor for over 30 years, helping people find creative, practical solutions for the challenges of life.



From the Isle of Woman Series: 2 sessions


The Isle of Woman series blends herbal crafts with nourishing our relationship to Self. Classes are dynamic, hands-on and inspirational. Each course involves learning simple skills and crafts you can do at home for self-care on many levels.

Take both sessions with a lunch break in between.


 Session 1: Home Herbals for Summertime

Saturday June 17 10-12:30pm

Summer time in Baton Rouge comes with bugs, burns and overheating! We will make three summer essentials in home herbal care: Insect bite clay paste, sun burn soothing topical and cooling spritzers. We will look at easy ways to cool down the body to prevent overheating and why it’s important for long-term health.

Please bring three small mason jars with lids.


Session 2: Make Your Own Herbal Oils and Salves

Saturday June 17 1:30– 4 pm

Learn how to make oils, the cornerstone of handcrafted herbalism, not just for your body, but for cooking, too. The recipes from previous classes become even more effective by adding home-made herbal oils. Learn two methods for infusing the therapeutic properties of plants into oil. We will also make a salve using herbal oils. Learn about safe, edible herbs that you can grow in your garden or buy easily to get started. This class is an Intermediate level, suitable for anyone who has attended one Isle of Woman class.


Please bring three small mason jars with lids.

Facilitated by Megan Assaf, BFA, LMT, Women's Health Massage Therapist.

$30 each class/combo $55


Summer Solstice Gong Bath
Saturday        June 17        6:30-8 pm


Relax and rejuvenate on the night of the summer solstice! Join us for a concert and gong bath dedicated to relieving stress, regaining a sense of peace and reharmonizing the body. No water is involved in a gong bath; it is an immersion of sound. Participants sit or recline and allow the sounds to "wash over" them. The concert will involve a variety of instruments and "singing" bowls. You may bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket to rest comfortably. Some mats and blankets available.


Facilitated by Daniel Leonard, a practitioner of sound arts and a yoga practitioner & meditation leader; and Olivia Sophia, music educator and musician.



Volunteer: Baton Rouge Food Bank

3rd Tuesdays         June 20         10 am-12 pm
Location:10600 South Choctaw Dr. (Fraenkel Center)


Can you find time in your schedule? Just 2 hours makes a difference. The food bank counts on volunteers for over 20,000 hours of help each year. All food donated must be sorted and categorized for distribution. That is where we come in: we will meet at the food bank to sort or bag food. Join our team, call us today to volunteer. (Wear closed-toe shoes.)

No Fee


*POSTPONED Due to Weather*

Community Healing Nights - Monthly
3rd Wednesdays   June 21       6:30-8:30 pm


Pranic healing is a powerful “no-touch” healing modality developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui using “life force” or prana (chi) to heal emotional and physical ailments. Pranic healing offers specific protocols for each condition. Enjoy receiving a healing session and learn to heal yourself.   

Facilitated by students of Master Stephen Co.

Suggested Donation $10


Lunations: New Moon Ritual

Thursday        June 22           6-7:30 pm


Join us as we tap into the cycle of the moon, a source for re-centering and re-grounding. Inspired by Christine Page's research on the "healing power of the sacred woman," our monthly gatherings on the evening of the new moon include discussion, meditation, music and a water ritual. Tap into your own power and let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. This gathering provides a safe, nourishing space for support. Learn more about Lunations here.


Facilitated by Lisa Bovenkamp-Langlois, who enjoys sharing this transformative ritual.



Creative Discovery: Journey to your Hidden Treasure with Pasha Hogan - Mind-Body Therapist, Author, Three-Time Cancer Survivor

Friday           June 23      7-8:30 pm

Saturday       June 24     10:30am-4:30 pm

Sunday         June 25      10:30am-2 pm


"Love yourself more divinely. This is the job you alone can and you alone must do.” ~ Sri Chinmoy


Join us for this experiential retreat: we will dive deep into the wellspring and embark on an epic journey to reclaim the gems of our soul’s inheritance. Each one of us has access to a beautiful, rich and invisible Inner life that nourishes and sustains us through the joys and sorrows of life.


We also have hidden aspects of ourselves that we may have unconsciously pushed below the surface fearing the world would reject us if they are revealed. Turning towards, embracing and loving every aspect of ourselves, is the challenge and magnificent opportunity the world is calling us to today. As we journey together, we will draw from Celtic mythology, poetry and wisdom traditions from around the world to help us engage in the practices of radical acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and love.

  • Explore where and how we withhold love from ourselves and others.
  • Identify and move past obstacles that keep us stuck in familiar and unfulfilling territory.

Using creative and healing processes including art, guided meditation and gentle yoga movement, we will grow into our whole beings, ready to live authentically, as we reclaim and celebrate our sovereignty!


Facilitated by Pasha Hogan, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher and three-time breast cancer survivor, author of Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery & founder of Creative Discovery™, a psycho-spiritual approach to awakening to your life’s purpose.


3-Day Price $135

Friday Only $20

Saturday Only $95

Sunday Only $50







Special Luncheon Event for Our Friends Living with Cancer: Living With Uncertainty and Joy

Friday        June 23          11:30 am-1:30 pm

The Overlook: Mary Bird Perkins/OLOL Cancer Center


Join Pasha Hogan as she shares from her personal and professional experience how we can cultivate inner peace and great joy in the midst of uncertainty.

Living with a cancer diagnosis is challenging. It can also be an incredible opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves you and embrace the longings of your heart and soul—to live a creative, full life as your true self. Pasha invites you to transform the question “Am I enough?” to “Am I enough of who I really am?“


Registration Required - No Fee


Mid-Year Makeover: Vision Board

Tuesday        June 27           6:30-8:30 pm


2017 is flying by in a flash! Are you currently where you were hoping to be in your life? Join us to create new goals and build a powerful vision for the rest of 2017. Receive coaching on how to get through the pitfalls and stay on track. We’re going to create a vision board to remind you daily of what you are working toward in your life. Come for a fun evening where you create your future. (All materials included.)


Facilitated by Monique Moliere Piper, MA, certified coach, entrepreneur and best-selling author helping women create their ideal lives and businesses.