Weekly Sacred Circles

For details on these weekly circles, please click here.


Sunday Sacred Circle

Sundays                5-6 pm
A Course in Miracles Mondays               7-8:30 pm
Compassion in Action Wednesdays        10:30 am-12 pm
Meditation Wednesdays         5-6 pm
Dream Discovery Thursdays             10:30 am-12 pm
Spiritual Journey Circle Thursdays             6-7 pm

Compassion in Action: Summer Speaker Series

Wednesdays         July 5-Aug 30         10:30-12 pm


Local speakers will share information on initiatives regarding life after incarceration, criminal justice reform, citizens’ rights, civil rights struggle and restorative justice, homelessness in Baton Rouge and more. Attend these talks and expand your awareness on issues making a difference in our world today.


7/5:   Know Your Rights - Stephen Dixon, Cooperating Atty with ACLU
7/12: Youth and Family Service Center - Roxson Welch, Executive Director
7/19: Death Penalty Defense - Jean Faria, Capital Case Coordinator, LPDB
7/26: Life After Incarceration - Karen Stagg & Connections for Life Women
8/2:   Protect & Serve: Meet the Beat - Panel:  Herbert Anny (BRPD),   

          Timothy Browning (BRPD) and Rodney Walker (EBRSO)
8/9:   #SandyStillSpeaks - Fatima Mann
8/16:  Restorative Justice for Civil Rights Era Activists - Angela Allen-Bell,

          Southern University Law Professor  
8/23:  Louisiana Prison System - Rhett Covington, Asst Secretary, DOC
8/30:  Criminal Justice Reform - Flozell Daniels, Jr., Pres and CEO,

           Foundation for LA

$20 Monthly


New to You: Inspirational Pre-Owned Book Sale

Thursday     July 6         10 am-6 pm

Friday          July 7          10 am-4 pm

Saturday     July 8          10 am-1 pm

Monday       July 10        10 am-7 pm


We just have too many outstanding books to keep them all for ourselves. Join us for our fabulous pre-owned book sale. Recycle, please! If you are clearing out books at home, bring us your spiritual, inspirational self–help books for “re-homing” by June 30. Your old books will become someone’s new treasure. The proceeds from all books benefit The Red Shoes’ scholarship fund.


Paperbacks $2/Hardbacks $3

Book Study: Women Who Run with the Wolves

Fridays              July 7-28           10:30 am-12 pm


Mondays            August 7-28      6:30-8 pm


Within every woman there lives a powerful instinctual force, passionate creativity and ageless knowing - the archetypal “Wild Woman” who culturally has been suppressed, caged into compliance. In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Dr. Estés unfolds fairytales to help us reawaken the fierce, healthy and visionary attributes of our own “wild woman.” This summer, we will work in- depth with three tales (one each month) to see how they illuminate our life patterns and perspectives.


July - Skeleton Woman—What is love? Joan McCaskill will lead us into an exploration of the life/death/life nature of love. We glimpse the mystical power of relationship and how dead feelings can be revived.


Facilitated by Joan McCaskill, spiritual director, MA.

$40 Monthly


Textile Art: Stitch-less Quilt Collage

Saturday         July 8         10 am-12 pm


Have you been interested in quilting but didn't have time, sewing skills or the proper equipment? Come to our summer collage workshop and make that quilt with fabric and glue! Using fabric scraps donated by actual quilters, we'll make a collaged quilt piece suitable for framing. The fabrics will speak to you in the same way they speak to traditional quilters. The workshop is scheduled for two hours but try to block extra time on your calendar since we usually create beyond the clock when our artistic juices begin to flow.


Facilitated by Pam Arnold, collage artist enthusiast for many years.



Tarot: An Introduction to the Wisdom of the Cards

Monday         July 10         7-9 pm


Curious about how to use the tarot cards to enhance your understanding of current life challenges? Working with the cards can help you to understand the context of your life and different options for choices. Learn the basics of how the cards are organized and work together, as well as how to use numerology to figure your life long and growth year cards. Receive a mini-reading and begin an exploration of the mysteries and wisdom of the tarot cards. To continue learning how tarot cards can open new portals of understanding, come to the July 28-29 workshop.


Facilitated by Michael Running Bear, a spiritual counselor for over 30 years. Working with tarot cards, spirit guides and crystals, he helps people find creative, practical solutions for the challenges of life.



Learn How to Get Smarter with SuperBrain Yoga

Tuesday         July 11         6-8 pm


In this introduction class, you will learn this simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain. It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear acupuncture to balance the left and right brain energies.


Take home this simple yet powerful exercise so you can experience mental clarity, emotional calmness, razor sharp focus, and increased learning ability. Studies show dramatic improvements in children diagnosed with Autism and ADHD, such as increase in academic and behavioral performance, greater class participation and improved social skills. This is also a great exercise to keep your mind sharp as the body ages!


Facilitated by Pranic Healing Baton Rouge.

Suggested Donation $11


Volunteer: Baton Rouge Food Bank

3rd Tuesdays         July 18        10 am-12 pm
Location:10600 South Choctaw Dr. (Fraenkel Center)


Can you find time in your schedule? Just 2 hours makes a difference. The food bank counts on volunteers for over 20,000 hours of help each year. All food donated must be sorted and categorized for distribution. That is where we come in: we will meet at the food bank to sort or bag food. Join our team, call us today to volunteer. (Wear closed-toe shoes.)

No Fee


Community Healing Nights - Monthly
3rd Wednesdays    July 19       6:30-8:30 pm


Experience intense peace, stillness and bliss through a guided “Meditation on Twin Hearts.” Together we set the intention of achieving peace and insight, reducing stress and generating success. Clear your energy body of stale and dirty energies and enjoy feeling revived and energized. Experience one-on-one sample healing sessions.

Facilitated by Pranic Healing Baton Rouge.

Suggested Donation $10


Creative Coffeehouse: Open Mic Music & Poetry

Friday        July 21         6:30-8 pm



Looking for a great start to the weekend? Celebrate the best of the arts in Baton Rouge! Enjoy a night of unique creative offerings: poetry and music to stir your heart and soul. Join our audience to experience this tapestry of talent and stay for coffee and desserts. Musicians, singers and poets: Share your original or favorite works in this supportive, appreciative “coffee-house” setting. Call early to reserve your 5-minute spot.



Healing the Goddess

Saturday         July 22          10 am-1 pm


Explore the creative, nurturing and powerful energy of the Goddess within. Through deep, inner awareness we will explore different healing technologies and ancient knowledge to shed boundaries that inhibit embodiment of balanced, yet expansive, feminine energy. The intention of this workshop is to create healing space for profound, soulful healing.

Facilitated by Delisha “DeeDee” Jones, certified yoga instructor, meditation facilitator & energy healer.



Lunations: New Moon Ritual

Saturday         July 22           6-7:30 pm


Join us as we tap into the cycle of the moon, a source for re-centering and re-grounding. Inspired by Christine Page's research on the "healing power of the sacred woman," our monthly gatherings on the evening of the new moon include discussion, meditation, music and a water ritual. Tap into your own power and let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. This gathering provides a safe, nourishing space for support. Learn more about Lunations here.


Facilitated by Lisa Bovenkamp-Langlois, who enjoys sharing this transformative ritual.



Therese Knowles - Art Happens

Silently Screaming

Sundays         July 23-30         3-4:30 pm


A moment or two... of tearing, ripping things apart,

Only... to finally weave them back together.

PS... no scissors allowed.


This is your opportunity to take the uncomfortable things and make them into a balance of composition that feels comfortable. Transform the angst of our lives through art making. Bring things you don’t like — fabric from an article of clothing that has bad associations, a letter or advertisement that breaks your heart, words that take away your peace, or photos that bring up pain or anxiety. If it makes you feel something less than wonderful, bring it with you!


Sunday, July 23

While having tea in a handmade cup, we will tear, complain, take apart and get it all out. For this first session, please make sure you bring your materials with you!


Sunday, July 30

Artistic transformation over tea. Bring your tea cup back for more tea and a day of weaving a new composition out of all those struggles.


Facilitated by Therese Knowles, a beloved U-High art teacher and renowned local artist who intertwines her art and philosophy.



Out of the Shadow, Into the Light

Tuesday       July 25         6:30-8:30 pm


The “shadow” is studied both in astrology and in Jungian psychology. Through shadow work based on astrological zodiac signs, we will discover how and why we repeatedly block ourselves from our true potential for abundant health, wealth and loving relationships. When we begin to embrace our shadow side, we begin to allow our true power to become part of our personalities and shadow no longer blocks our potential but empowers us.


Facilitated by Tammy Zechman, certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist, Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction coach and Intuitive Therapist. Tammy has a BA in Philosophy and Religion.



Volunteer - A Luau Party at Bishop Ott 

Sweet Dreams Women and Children’s Shelter

Thursday         July 27           6:45-8:30 pm

Location: 1623 Convention Street


Volunteer to participate and help plan a Luau party for women and children, complete with games, crafts and treats. But rather than giving, you will receive the greatest gift: the smiles of those you meet during this heart-warming evening. Register today and we will coordinate this special evening via email!

No Fee


Readings That Reveal: Tarot Workshop

Friday             July 28         7-9 pm

Saturday        July 29         10 am-4 pm



Explore the “Royal Road” of Tarot cards and the ancient visual system of wisdom that is encoded with symbols, astrology, and numerology. The cards lead us to an understanding of the universal laws. In this experiential workshop, we will learn the history, design and layout of the deck, the meaning of archetypes and symbols and the numerology of the deck. Learn about life collage and mandala spreads as well as other traditional spreads. Working with your deck, you’ll learn how to read the cards and how to integrate the cards into your daily life. Experience the magic and wisdom of the Thoth deck and how this self-exploration/divination tool can broaden your philosophy and connection to life.

Facilitated by Michael Running Bear, a gifted empath and spiritual counselor for over 30 years. Working with tarot cards, spirit guides and crystals, he helps people find creative, practical solutions for the challenges of life.


Early bird paid by July 10 $100/after $115

Registration fee includes the large Crowley Thoth Deck, ($30 value), needed for the workshop.