Weekly Sacred Circles

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Sunday Sacred Circle

Sundays                5-6 pm
A Course in Miracles Mondays               7-8:30 pm
Compassion in Action Wednesdays          10:30 am-12 pm
Meditation Wednesdays          5-6 pm
Dream Discovery Thursdays             10:30 am-12 pm
Spiritual Journey Circle Thursdays             6-7 pm

A Course in Miracles 

Monday      Beginning January 1     7-8:30 pm


Seeking happiness and peace? Begin the new year with our weekly study of A Course in Miracle, a powerful, life-changing course that guides us to happiness and peace. The first week, January 1, will be a review of the end of 2017 lessons. On January 8th, we will begin the course for 2018. Enjoy the miracles of life. 


Facilitated by Nic Ourso, who has studied A Course in Miracles for many years.


Suggested Monthly Donation $20


Compassion in Action 
Wednesday     January 3-31  10:30 am -12:00 pm


Join us as we complete our discussion of A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life by Parker J. Palmer. Gain an experience of a "circle of trust" as we support each other on the journey to living balanced lives. 


Suggested Monthly Donation $20


Meditation and Spiritual Awakening 

Wednesdays     January 3     5-6  pm


Join us for a quiet time of exploration and meditation. Enjoy stillness that creates a time to empty and reconnect to Source. Guidance is offered as we deepen our practice. The first Wednesday of each month is a time of coloring meditation with quiet music. Some instruction is offered each week as we develop and deepen our practice. 


Facilitated by Wendy Herschman, who enjoys sharing the joy of group meditation.

Suggested Donation $5


Kundalini Yoga - Weekly

Thursdays     Beginning January 4  9:30 am-11 am



Kundalini yoga connects our finite selves with the infinite through a dynamic blend of spiritual and physical practices. Known as the yoga of awareness, kundalini blends guided movements, breathing techniques, meditation and sound chanting. Practice on mats or chairs. This practice is for those with physical limitations or physically fit. 


Facilitated by Janet Sullivan, a licensed massage therapist practicing Shiatsu healing work for 20 years. 



Dream Discovery
Thursdays    Beginning January 4     10:30 am-12 pm


Discover more about yourself as you learn to work with your dreams. The language of dreams offers valuable insights into understanding your relationships, your choices, your past and your future. Basic elements of Carl Jung’s work are a part of this exploration. While studying and sharing dreams, we learn ways to interpret and understand them in a meaningful way.

Facilitated by Joan McCaskill, Spiritual Director, MA.


 Monthly $40


Spiritual Journey Circle 

Thursdays    Beginning January 4     6-7 pm


Find inspiration on this journey that opens the door to the ideas of diverse spiritual teachers. New paths appear as we look and listen from new perspectives.


Facilitated by Wendy Herschman, & members of the circle.


Suggested monthly donation $20


Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meeting - Meditation 

Thursdays    Beginning January 4     7-8 pm


Together we explore guided meditation and share our experience, strength & hope toward living a Sober Life.


Sunday Sacred Circle 

Sundays    Beginning January 7     5-6 pm


Nourish your spirit. Enjoy a time of introspection, an inter-religious, ecumenical experience for those yearning to unite through prayer, chanting, inspirational readings and silence with Spirit.


Facilitated by inspired members of the circle.

Donations appreciated


Black Minds Matter: Join the Conversation

Tuesdays    Jan 9 - Feb 6     6-8 pm


Looking for a meaningful way to engage in the race conversation? Join us for the next steps in Black Minds Matter, a course developed at San Diego State University designed to increase the national consciousness about issues facing black boys and men who are devalued and over-criminalized in society, leading to a school to prison pipeline. Discussion topics include: assumption of criminality, campus climates, teaching practices, policy and research and holistic support for Black Male learners. 


Facilitated by Charity Moran Parsons, a teacher, K-12 coach, and founder of idoschool.com, who has 10 years of experience in education.


$5 per class / Series of 5 - $20


Dance in the Sun Vision Board Workshop 

Wednesday    January 10      6:30-8:30 pm


Start the new year by defining clear and meaningful goals! Keep your goals in front of you by creating a vision board with pictures and words that illustrate what you want to achieve. A vision board is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor to your dreams and to allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. Join us to focus on your authentic life, your core clarity. Let go of what’s in the way – connect with your dreams while designing a vision that calls to you and will attract your ideal outcome.



Facilitated by Monique Moliere Piper, M.A., a speaker, bestselling author and certified professional coach. She has coached women for over 7 years.




Won't Bow Down:

The Graduates 

Friday    January 12      7-9 pm


The Graduates ensemble emerged out of a drama club inside The Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women in St Gabriel. The Graduates use their personal experiences with the criminal justice system to create performances that reach out to young at-risk women, offer a window into incarceration's effects on individual lives and encourage those who have the power to shift current policies to do so. Join us for The Graduates current performance. It will stir your heart.


Directed by: Ausettua Amor Amenkum, artistic director of Kumbuka African Drum and Dance Collective; and Kathy Randels, artistic director of ArtSpot Productions and founder of The LCIW Drama Club.




Isle of Woman: Herbal Valentines for You!

Saturday    January 13      10 am-12:30 pm


This year, honor the day of love, Valentine’s Day, with luscious herbals!   We do this class early in the year so your herbals can be ready for Valentine's Day.  We'll make an aphrodisiac cordial, aphrodisiac infused chocolate, and a sensual massage oil. We'll discuss what it is to be in the present moment through touch, and soul presence, which is an aphrodisiac in itself! You'll go home with samples and recipes to make your valentine’s day or any day a heart centered, sensual experience!   Please bring three jars sized 4-8 ounces each, with lids.


Facilitated by Megan Assaf, BFA, LMT, Women’s Health Massage Therapist.




Breaking Vases: Book Talk by Author Dima Ghawi 

Sunday    January 14      2:30-4 pm


Breaking Vases is a tale of self-discovery, transformation and the persistence to rise above internal and external limitations. It captures the brutal realities for a female born into Middle Eastern culture which followed Dima from her native Jordan to the United States. The story is shared to inspire and empower others to take action in their lives. Our afternoon will have a middle-eastern flavor as we snack together and discuss breaking limitations in our personal and professional lives. (Book sale and book signing)


Facilitated by Dima Ghawi, author & leadership coach. 


Suggested Donation $10


Yellow Brick Academy: Passion to Profits 

Mondays    Jan 15 - Feb 5      6:30-8 pm


Explore business concept design by using tools to answer these important questions: What do you sell? Who will buy it?  Can you make money at it? and How much start-up capital is needed?  This course will provide  an in depth study of planning and financing the business start-up. Participants will  produce a mini business plan to demonstrate the feasibility of their business concept and support the application process for the Lifting Loans micro loan or other funding opportunities. Learn how to bridge the gap between passion and profits!


Facilitated by business professionals in collaboration with SELA Women’s Business Center, the Good Work Network and The Red Shoes Lifting Loans Program.




Volunteer: Baton Rouge Food Bank 

3rd Tuesdays    January 16     10 am-12 pm

Location: 10600 South Choctaw Dr. (Fraenkel Center)


The Food Bank’s mission is to feed the hungry in Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes. Can you offer two hours that will make a big difference? All food donated must be sorted and categorized for distribution. That is where we come in: we will meet at the food bank to sort or bag food. Join our team, call today to volunteer.


 Wear closed-toe shoes/No Fee


POSTPONED - Community Healing - Weight Control and Chakras


Losing weight is less challenging when the body, thoughts and emotions are calm and attentive. Using your body’s natural ability to heal itself, transform the weight loss hurdle into a spiritual experience to sculpt your physical, mental, and emotional bodies  With a focus on the chakras and subconscious thought, we will use pranic healing to cleanse and energize the chakras so you can eliminate cravings and raise your body’s awareness to make healthy choices.


Facilitated by Pat Cole & Rita Riggio and trained members of Pranic Healing of Baton Rouge

 Suggested Donation $10


Kundalini Breathwork Series 

Mondays    January 22 & 29     7-8:30 pm


Workshop 1- Return Home-Return to Breath

Experience simple techniques and exercises to open the lungs, center the mind and return home to your breath. Handouts provided for further practice. 


Workshop 2- Diaphragm and Health: Intermediate and Advanced Breath

Learn progressive techniques and exercises to work the diaphragm, cleanse the organs and open the heart. Anatomy and philosophy will be discussed as part of this practice. Handouts of exercises will be provided.


Facilitated by Janet Sullivan, licensed massage therapist who teaches chi gong, shiatsu, self-massage seminars and both Kundalini and Hatha yoga.


 $15 each/series $25


An Oasis in Time - A Spiritual Retreat with Rabbi Diane Elliot

Co-sponsored by Hadassah of Baton Rouge


Enjoy a weekend of pausing and inner listening, a time of true refreshment for body, soul and mind. As the cares of the week sink into the background of consciousness, we will cultivate the oft-neglected, essential practices of rest, calm, delight and communal enjoyment. People of any or no faith are welcome.


Friday, January 26, 6:30 pm-9 pm

A shared meal, framed by simple ritual, song, and contemplation serve as the gateway to an oasis in time, known in Jewish tradition "Shabbat," a day of "ceasing" or release.

Saturday, January 27, 10 am-4 pm

Flow into a full day of nurturance, expressing our deepest soul yearnings through stillness and movement, chanting and silence, shared conversation, and art-making

Sunday, January 28, 10 am-1 pm

Enjoy an introduction to the ancient Kabbalistic practice of counting the Omer. Reading from her recently published-book, This Is the Day, Ha-Yom Yom, Poems inspired by the practice of counting the 
Omer, Rabbi Elliot will guide participants in exploring qualities of the heart and soul.


Rabbi Diane Elliot, author of numerous articles, essays and poems, inspires seekers from a variety of faith traditions to develop spiritual practice through 
meditation, movement and nuanced interpretations. With a 25-year career in modern dance, art and choreography and 40 years of experience in the somatic movement form Body-Mind Centering, Rabbi Elliot serves as the Director of Wholly Present.


 Friday only, includes dinner $25 / Saturday $50 / Sunday $20

Full Retreat $70


POSTPONED - Be Your Healthiest Self 

Wednesdays    January 31     6:30-8 pm


Why do we crave carbs and sweets so much? Well, Ellen says, "It's not our fault, those foods are addictive, and the food industry knows it!"  Learn why we crave certain foods and how to manage and overcome the cravings. Explore the health risks of excess sugar and artificial sweeteners and which natural sweeteners are the healthiest. Leave with valuable handouts.


Facilitated by Ellen BJ. Bander, Certified Health Coach, MA.