Weekly Sacred Circles

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Sunday Sacred Circle

Sundays                5-6 pm
A Course in Miracles Mondays               7-8:30 pm
Compassion in Action Wednesdays        10:30 am-12 pm
Meditation Wednesdays         5-6 pm
Dream Discovery Thursdays             10:30 am-12 pm
Spiritual Journey Circle Thursdays             6-7 pm

A Course in Miracles

Mondays         Beginning January 2         7-8:30 pm


Seeking happiness and peace? Begin the new year with our weekly study of A Course in Miracles, a powerful, life-changing course that guides us to happiness and peace. The first week will be a review of the end of 2016 lessons. On January 9th we will begin the course for 2017.


Suggested monthly donation $20


Meditation and Spiritual Awakening

Wednesdays      Beginning January 4    5-6 pm


Join us for a quiet time of exploration and meditation. Enjoy stillness that creates a time to empty and reconnect to Source. The first Wednesday of each month is a time of coloring meditation with quiet music. Some instruction offered each week as we develop and deepen our practice.


Suggested monthly donation $5


Kundalini Yoga

Thursdays          Beginning January 5    9:30-10:30 am


Kundalini yoga connects our finite selves with the infinite through a dynamic blend of spiritual and physical practices. Known as the yoga of awareness, kundalini blends guided movements, breathing techniques, meditation and sound chanting.  Participate on mats or chairs. This practice is for those with physical limitations or fully fit.  


Facilitated by Janet Sullivan, a licensed massage therapist practicing Shiatsu healing work for 20 years.



Dream Discovery

Thursdays     Beginning January 5     10:30 am-12 pm 


Discover more about yourself as you learn to work with your dreams. The language of dreams offers valuable insights into understanding your relationships, your choices, your past and your future. Basic elements of Carl Jung’s work are a part of this exploration. While studying and sharing dreams, we learn ways to interpret and understand them in a meaningful way.  

Facilitated by Joan McCaskill, Spiritual Director, MA.

Monthly $40


Spiritual Journey Circle

Thursdays      Beginning January 5     6-7 pm


Find inspiration on this journey that opens the door to the ideas of diverse spiritual teachers. New paths appear as we look and listen from new perspectives.

Suggested monthly donation $20


Alcoholics Anonymous Open Meeting –Meditation

Thursdays     Beginning January 5      7-8 pm


Together we will explore guided meditation and share our experience, strength and hope toward living a Sober Life.


No fee

Sunday Sacred Circle

Sundays        Beginning January 8      5-6 pm


Nourish your spirit. Enjoy a time of introspection, an inter-religious, ecumenical experience for those yearning to unite through prayer, chanting, inspirational readings and silence with Spirit. 


Donations appreciated


Compassion in Action Circle

Wednesdays   Beginning January 11   10:30 am-12 pm


Following the tragic shootings of July 2016, the legacy of racial inequality in Baton Rouge became national news. Through book discussions, documentaries and speakers we will examine areas of society where this disparity is most prevalent. We will explore two challenging works: America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege and The Bridge to a New America by Jim Wallis and The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander. Join us as we expand our awareness and explore positive ways to bring peace and healing to ourselves and our community.

Suggested monthly donation $20


Volunteer - Women Build: Habitat for Humanity
Saturday         January 14         7:45 am-3:30 pm

*FULL - Please call for information*


Women Build: It’s not about excluding men,

it’s about including women.

Join us for a day of giving with Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build. The home we will work on is for  Katherine Hall, mother of De’John (7) and Daniya (3). You will know you are actively addressing the problem of children living in poverty by helping to build a safe family home. A professional construction staff will greet us at the Women Build site to explain the task for the day and basic safety measures. We will learn skills and have the tools necessary for the job. Together, we can build safe, affordable Habitat for Humanity homes for those in need. Closed-toe shoes only. Drinks and snacks are provided. More information and a consent form will be available on registration.

Registration Required/No Fee


Awaken Your Intuition: Yoga Nidra Workshop
Sunday         January 15         2-5 pm

Become increasingly aware of your inner world through Yoga Nidra, a practice that allows you to reach the deepest state of mind/body relaxation. Through breathing techniques and subtle energy exercises, explore and understand your intuition and recognize that this is an innate expression of your soul. Yoga Nidra is a reclined, guided meditation. No yoga postures; no experience is needed. Bring a blanket/pillow/mat. Dress comfortably. 

Facilitated by Delisha “Dee Dee” Poullard, certified yoga instructor, meditation facilitator and energy healer.



Give Your New Year’s Resolution Legs
Saturday         January 21           10 am-4 pm


Move out of "Stuck" and into Perfectly Imperfect Action


You have a big dream or project—that book you want to write, the new business to launch, the garden to plant, the space to clean out, a new degree to earn—but you can’t seem to get started. Join us for an interactive day of inquiry, strategizing, brainstorming exercises, encouragement, and mutual accountability to identify and start breaking through the blocks of overwhelm, procrastination, shame, perfectionism and fear. Our goal? To experience the exhilaration of stepping out of "Stuck" and into “Perfectly (im)Perfect Action.” Make 2017 the year you get it done!  

Facilitated by Chris Kisling, mentor and life coach who helps people break through the blocks that stand between them and the life they want. Learn more at You-Are-OK.com.



Volunteer: Baton Rouge Food Bank

4th Tuesdays         Beginning January 24        10 am-12 pm
Location:10600 South Choctaw Dr. (Fraenkel Center)


Can you find time in your schedule? Just 2 hours makes a difference. The food bank counts on volunteers for over 20,000 hours of help each year. All food donated must be sorted and categorized for distribution. That is where we come in: we will meet at the food bank to sort or bag food. Join our team, call us today to volunteer. (Wear closed-toe shoes.)

No Fee


Lunations: New Moon Ritual

Thursday         January 26         6-7:30 pm

Join us as we tap into the cycle of the moon, a source for re-centering and re-grounding. Inspired by Christine Page's research on the "healing power of the sacred woman," our monthly gatherings on the evening of the new moon include discussion, meditation, music and a water ritual. With the dark sky of the new moon, learn to tap into your own power and let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. This monthly gathering provides a safe, nourishing space for support.  

Facilitated by Lisa Bovenkamp-Langlois, who enjoys sharing and is nourished by this ritual.



Be the Author of Your Life in 2017

Tuesday         January 31         6:30-8 pm

Have you set your intentions for how you would like your 2017 to unfold?  Does this give you stress or is it inspiring?  In this workshop, you will identify what you want more of in different aspects of your life and explore the common threads in what seems like 15 separate areas.  Honing what your heart is really calling for allows you to hold the goal and be in right action towards it all year.  Your to-do list turns into something inspiring and attainable! You will also learn energetic tools to support your ability to allow your desires to manifest.  Make your vision of 2017 a reality!  

Facilitated by Donna Accardo, Louisiana Coordinator for The Way of the Heart and a facilitator since 2005.