An Evolutionary Narrative:

Creating Authentic Power through Story

 A Spiritual Retreat


Dr. Joan Borysenko

Harvard trained cell biologist, psychologist, world-renowned expert in the mind/body connection and author of 17 books

Friday          March 9        7-9 pm

Saturday      March 10     10 am-5 pm

Sunday        March 11     10:30 am-1 pm

The stories we habitually tell ourselves change our relationships, our path through the world and even our brain circuitry. They can elevate life to heaven on earth or drop us unceremoniously into the fire. The ability to replace self-judgment and condemnation of others with mindful compassion will help silence the inner critic and create a more coherent narrative of meaning and purpose that encourages your inner light to shine ever more brightly. Join us to rewrite parts of your own life story, learn effective techniques to rewire negative brain circuits and discover authentic character strengths and values that lead to increased wellbeing and resilience. Together with Joan, we will harvest the wisdom of life myths, both sacred and profane, uncover core strengths, use positive psychology for resilience and discover the power of transformational narrative.



Friday Only $25

Full retreat early bird by Feb 1 $125

After Feb 1 $165


Cancer as a Healing Journey: Project HOPE

Friday March 9 10-11:30 am

Mary Bird Perkins/ Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center


We all know resilient people who bounce back from hardships of every kind and create their best lives. Other people stress out and melt down losing hope and health. The good news is that resilience is a learnable skill that illness and adversity invite us to cultivate. Resilient people face reality head-on, tame fear and stress, find deeper meaning in life, laugh often and inspire others. In the process, the immune system perks up, and the natural healing mechanisms of body and mind are nurtured and amplified. In this lecture, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., a world-renowned expert on stress, health, and healing, offers you practical tools to help turn crisis into opportunity.



(Breakfast Treats Available at 10 am) - No Fee



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