Together, We Can Move Mountains

There is nothing we cannot change to create a better world for future generations, when we stand strong together.


Dr. Christine Page, MD

 Author, International Speaker, Holistic Doctor, Retreat Leader

For an Individual Soul Reading during Christine's visit, see below.

Listen to Christine speak

on the power of the fully embodied women.

Friday           October 26    7-9 pm

Saturday       October 27   10 am-5 pm

Sunday         October 28    10:30 am-2 pm


Calling all wise women, pioneers and

evolving female leaders!

Humanity needs your unique skills to birth a new world of peace, understanding & abundance for all.
Have you noticed that when women gather, we start to talk... even in the grocery line? Why do we have this urge to start up conversations?

As women, we seek points of common interest to unite us. We innately know we are stronger together, especially when we create a sacred space of common-unity or a community of heart-centered women. From ancient times, bonding through shared feelings and stories has brought us strength, healing and increased confidence in our own intuition.

Gather with your “sisters” to see your boldness and beauty reflected in their eyes. Discover how your inner power is nourished in community, your voice strengthened.

  • Nourish your inner power and strengthen your unique voice in community.
  • Bond through story sharing and strength, healing and deep confidence in your intuition.
  • Tend emotional wounds to support others with heartfelt compassion.

During this retreat, we will have opportunities to share stories, enjoy guided meditation and heal emotional wounds which still exist between women so we can support each other with heartfelt compassion. When we connect without our masks and defenses, we feel the flood of love and empowerment and know that ,Together, We Can Move Mountains.

Facilitated by Dr. Christine Page, a pioneer in the field of healthcare for almost 40 years, working primarily with women. She is the author of eight books including Frontiers of Health and The Handbook of Women’s Mysteries. Christine is also offering individual soul readings by appointment.


Friday only $20

 Full Retreat $150


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Christine is also offering a limited number of Individual Soul Readings on Friday, October 26 by appointment. Please call today to schedule your one-on-one time. Readings are $180 for a session, approximately one hour.