In Collaboration with Assisi House


Art of Healing: The Path toward Equity and Internal Transformation Series 


Dr. Leslie Grover and Dr. Reva Hines


“In a world that is rife with colonization, dehumanization, patriarchy, and injustice, healing brings transformation and the capability to radically imagine a world beyond these inequities.”


~ Assisi House Directors, Dr. Leslie Grover & Dr. Reva Hines



Join us for this transformative series built on the power of storytelling, healing and arts. Together we will examine the current world, explore our inner thoughts, and imagine a better future. We will unearth the biases and beliefs we subconsciously harbor and move toward healing by giving voice to our experiences. This creative process brings a sense of accompaniment, accomplishment and wellbeing to participants.



Session 1: The Power of Racial Healing

Sunday June 5

2:30 - 4:30 pm

Through a series of story circles and healing arts methods we will peel back our own inner layers, become aware of our racial space and engage in collective racial healing. Poetry and story will lead us into dialogue about racial identity, race, and racism. Individual and group-based healing exercises will be followed by creating steps toward building a racially just world.



$25/Both $45

Session 2: The Power of Gender Justice & Equity

Sunday June 12

2:30 - 4:30 pm

Become aware of gender terminology and draw attention to the disparate impact on women, especially women of color. Establish dialogue for a bold future forward that is based on justice for women. We will address patriarchy, gender-based violence, and the intersectionality of gender with other social determinants of health. Experience a collective healing activity to shift the master narrative around gender-justice.


                                                                             $25/Both $45

Art of Letting Go: The Rising Phoenix Workshop

Saturday June 25

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Experience the importance of letting go through the power of storytelling and healing arts. Recognize our stories of the past and carve a way to move forward with a renewed sense of hope, energy and creativity. Understanding the importance of letting go from the corrosive effects of stories from the past through body and breath work, shared tales/stories, reflection and dialogue.


Like the rising phoenix we will emerge from the weight of our stories, release the negative emotion, and sense into the new freedom of letting go.



*All dialogues and circles are built upon community based participatory principles. Our approach is asset based and undergirded in collectively coming together and reimagining a socially just world together. 


Facilitated by Dr. Leslie T. Grover, President of Assisi House, Inc. She holds certifications in Narrative Medicine, Community Based Storytelling, Healing Arts, Group Facilitation and Mental Health First Aid. She is interested in the spiritual aspect of creativity and how to use that to improve the well-being of marginalized communities. Her interest in creative writing, social justice and Black history informs her creative writing, artwork, and research. 

Facilitated by Dr. Revathi (Reva) Hines, Vice-President of Assisi House, Inc. She holds certification in Community Based Storytelling, Narrative Therapy, Healing Arts, Healing Body and Mind, Group Facilitation, and Youth Mental Health. She is keenly interested in utilizing storytelling and healing arts as a conduit for empowerment and resiliency among marginalized groups in her community. Her interests include examining inequities among marginalized populations and the intersectionality of race, gender, and class on a variety of social and policy issues and its politicization. 

ASSISI HOUSE, INC., A 501 C3 Organization, helps create social justice alongside vulnerable communities through research, art, and the creation of community-based programs.