Presented in Partnership with 
The C.G. Jung Society of Baton Rouge



Transformative Steps to Self


Saturday   March 28
10 am–3 pm

Facilitated by  Charlene Henry, LCSW

Diplomate Jungian Analyst has been in practice for 50 years. 

She has a private practice in Lafayette, LA and is a board member

and one of the founders of the CG Jung Society of Lafayette.  

What is Alchemy and why is it so important to the work of Carl Jung ...and to us? The goal of alchemy is a mysterious inner transformation process in the psyche, the process of individuation. Alchemy relates to both the material and spiritual sides of life that have been split for thousands of years. We will explore the history and development of alchemy, the 7 main operations in the alchemical process and how we recognize them in our lives and also in dreams, images and poetry. This presentation is filled with images and examples from the 3rd century through the 18th century taken from old manuscripts and writings.


CEHs  4.0 for LPCs and MSWs     $10